Free DVD's

I have a pile of DVD's that I will never watch again myself which is a waste especially since there are other people paying to rent these very same DVD's. So I'm giving them away to anyone who wants them.

There are two conditions to this because I don't want to give them to someone else only for them to sit on their shelf and never get watched again.

The terms of accepting a DVD from floodle.net

1. You must accept these term or return the DVD to the previous owner.
2. You must, within one month, give the DVD to another person that accepts these terms.

That's it!.
So in theory each of these DVD's should get watched at least 12 times a year, giving them a whole new lease of  life.

Click Here to view the list of available DVD's and to request one.

First come first served, one per person, post your request in reply to this forum message, DON'T post you address in the forum, if you are the first to request a particular title then send me your address via a private message (in the forum) within 24 hours of the forum post else the DVD goes to the next person to request it.

More Details
1. I will pay the postage so there really is no cost to you except the effort required to pass them on to someone else under the terms.
2. Normal copyright laws still apply of course so please don't copy them.
3. Please, if you do take one, stick to the rules, there are only 2 and they're pretty simple.
4. I reserve the right to pull any DVD's from the list at any time and to not send to any suspicious addresses, UK only (otherwise the postage is too much)
5. If you can't find anyone who want to take it from you then re-list it here, if there are still no takers then give it to charity.
6. Delivery time should be within about 1 week (depending on how busy I am)
7. Instruction document included with the DVD must stay with the DVD.

Why am I doing this?, 2 reasons...
1. Because it is something I believe in and am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Films are way too expensive for something that often is only used once.
2. On each DVD, along with the 2 terms of accepting the DVD, will be an advert for www.floodle.net so hopefully it will help get more visitors.

copyright floodle.net