The real money IS in selling information.


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'Discover how to instantly create multiple profit streams’.

I am sure that by now you have already heard that in order to succeed online
you will need your own product to sell.

You could always create your own product, but that takes time. You could always spend
a few hundred pounds on reprint rights to any number of hot selling products out there.

You might even already have your own product.

You will soon discover that it is not a great idea to put all of your eggs in one basket.

That is to say- eventually you will need more than one product of your own.

Besides, you may already be backed up to your eyeballs keeping the product you already
have updated.

So, we have deduced that not only do you need your own product- but you need more
than one. Right?

Well, the solution I have is a simple one.

In fact I have compiled an incredible list of solutions. A powerful explosion in a nice, neat little package. :-)

Multiple Profit Streams is a Package, which requires very little effort and not much cash to put into practice!


I have been running a successful online business for some considerable time, I have had a good deal of success selling products, BUT WITHOUT DOUBT my most profitable activity to date is 'Selling Information Products'(more about this later), so this is my recommendation for the income claimed above. The 'Success Formula' that I use is given in the second part of this info package! If you would prefer a product driven income plan there is still a lot of money to be made on 'Ebay'! I have had a good deal of success with Health Related Products! These can be sourced wholesale from advertisers on Ebay, just check to see what products create the best sales!

Here is a list of the currently hot selling items on eBay. This is not a recommendation of what to sell. Each of these product areas is fraught with its own perils. But in my experience the top two are very profitable is advertised correctly. Use the adverts of other successful sellers, don't copy them exactly!


- Diet Pills
- Nutritional Sex Enhancers
- Cell Phone Boosters
- Pheromone scents
- Glass chess sets
- Low cost jewelry
- Expensive watches and jewelry
- Heirloom jewelry
- Used toys in good condition
- New and used clothing for children and plus-sized clothing for women
- Western wear such as cowboy boots, belts, shirts, leather vests, etc.
- Software (including closed-out or last year's software programs and games)
- Strobe pens
- Tools (power and hand tools)
- Perfume (including perfume samples and opened expensive perfumes that are at least over one-half full)
- Perfume bottles (some with or without perfume)
- Religious books and Bibles (Bibles are always a perennial seller)
- Non-fiction books on hobbies, sports, nautical subjects, history, military science, popular textbooks, and art & photography. Also books containing maps and art prints that can be broken and sold individually.
- Maps and old prints of ships, flowers, animals (horses and dogs are tops).
- Used auto parts for specialty automobiles (Porsche, BMW, MG, etc.)
- Low mileage Japanese cars and pickups
- Automotive models and car collectibles
- Signed sports collectibles

I could go on – but these are some of the best selling items on eBay today. (I am sure I missed a few)

If you want to know what to sell on eBay, probably the single best piece of advice I can give new sellers is to be unique and to specialize. Find a niche market, learn everything about it and work it over and over. Selling 'Information Products' is by far the most profitable, CD's, Ebooks, Downloadable Media etc.

Building an eBay business is in many ways similar to building any business. To be successful everything has to work: Marketing, Sales, Quality, Pricing, and Customer Service. Selling on eBay, however, has some unique features that differ from traditional retail businesses.

On eBay, a seller's customer service reputation (Feedback Rating) is out in the open for everyone to see. Imagine, if every store in the shopping mall had a sign outside where customers wrote comments about their products and service. Would you stop to read the comments before entering the store? Negative feedback is the number one reason eBay sellers fail. A negative feedback rating, however, usually has its roots in other problems.

Here are the top five reasons why eBay businesses fail:

1. Poor Feedback Rating

New eBay sellers typically underrate the importance of quickly building a great feedback rating. I am amazed when I click on an auction description and see a seller with a feedback rating under "10." How could this person know anything about selling on eBay.? Experienced eBay bidders are cautious of sellers with a feedback rating under 25 - 50. Admittedly, getting your first twenty-five feedback comments as a seller can be a long process. Don't forget, feedback comments as a buyer count as well (although eBay does show the difference). Before you rush into selling on eBay, you need to get some experience buying. There is nothing better than putting yourself in your customer's shoes.

I wouldn't start to sell on eBay until you have completed a dozen or more purchases, paid for them promptly and received good feedback from your sellers. Don't be afraid to ask the seller to post feedback in your payment email. Sellers like to be paid quickly. Sending payment by credit card or PayPal will build your feedback rating quickly as well.

When starting your eBay business, you should bend over backwards to provide exceptional service. Remember, you are fishing for compliments. When you have a positive feedback rating over "100" bidders will look at your rating number and then make their decision on whether or not they like your product. If your feedback rating is less than a 100, people tend to actually look back through your comments and read them. There is a big difference between "Nice transaction -- good seller" and "FIVE ***** SELLER, EXCELLENT PRODUCT- FAST SHIPPING" Whether you are a new seller, or a veteran eBayer, building excellent feedback comments should be a daily goal.

Poor communications between buyer and seller is the leading cause of negative feedback. Make sure your first email to the successful bidder is clear, and complete. You should not only be polite, but be effusive in your congratulations. Remember: Some people shop on eBay for bargains, but most people shop on eBay for fun. Make the transaction a fun experience. Be personal. Don't sound like a bureaucrat or a big corporation. Make the buyer feel good and close the sale by complimenting them on the great deal they made.

Make sure your payment instructions are clear and your shipping methods and charges are clearly spelled out (this should have been in your auction, but many people can't remember). If a buyer wants to pay by credit card, suggest PayPal, or explain how to access your secure credit card server. If they want to use a check, explain how they can speed up the payment and delivery by using PayPal's electronic check service.

I am not trying to be a walking advertisement for PayPal, but the simple truth is: it works! Anything you can do to speed up payment, shortens the time it takes a customer to receive their purchase. Nothing will improve your feedback faster than getting purchases to your customers quickly. Also, now that eBay has purchased PayPal, there will be more integration and ease of use for everyone as soon as the merger goes through.

As the seller, you have the most to lose by negative feedback. It is only a question of time until you run into a difficult or irrational buyer. He or she may be rude, or unresponsive, or both. Once your feedback rating is secure in the high hundreds, you can afford to take a tough line and weather the negative feedback that inevitably follows. But while you are building your feedback rating, sometimes you just have to swallow hard and be extra diplomatic. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and try and work something out. I would rather lose a sale than risk negative feedback from an irresponsible person. If a buyer won't complete the transaction, its better to report them to eBay, than to get into a feedback war. Once eBay determines they are a non-paying bidder, they will not be able to leave feedback against you.

To summarize, make your communications fast, friendly and complete and your feedback rating will soar!

2. Not Accepting Credit Cards Turns Away Bidders

Thousands of bidders worry about Internet fraud. Several studies by eBay and Yahoo have positively concluded that accepting credit cards will increase your auction bids anywhere from 100% to 300%. This is even more true on web site sales, where accepting credit cards can boost sales over 500%!

Setting up a merchant credit card account can cost between £195 to £425 in set-up fees and anywhere from 2.5% to 7.5% per transaction.

Fortunately, Paypal offers an elegant solution (www.paypal.com). There are no set-up fees and transaction costs are 2.2% or less. Here is an important tip: Some buyers don't know what Paypal is, or how it works. Place a PayPal logo on all your auctions and a link to PayPal in emails to your successful bidders.

In your auction, place a line of text above the PayPal logo that says: "To pay with a credit card, click on the PayPal logo below." Do the same in your email to winning bidders. Use a statement such as: "If you would like to pay by credit card, click on the link below to register and pay securely using Paypal." Then place your PayPal referral link after your signature.

If you have a web site (most successful auction sellers do), instead of setting up a merchant credit card account, you can now use PayPal's WebAccept to take credit card orders on your web site. Connect to PayPal's "Web Tools" link, and type in the product, pricing and shipping info. Then copy/paste the html code onto your web page. You now have a credit card shopping cart for each individual product.

3. Weak Headlines and Poor Auction Descriptions Lose Bids

There are over seven million items listed on eBay every day. Your headline must stand out above the competition to attract bidders. A great headline should contain two key elements: "Key words" that are searchable, and "emotional words" designed to attract attention.

Over 60% of bidders find the item they are looking for by using the "Search" feature. Unless you use the key words bidders are looking for, you will miss many bids. For example, if someone collects Ferrari Formula 1 model cars, they will search "Ferrari" rather than "Formula 1" or "model cars." A search of Ferrari turns up 41 items, while "Formula 1" turns up a few thousand items. A search of "Blue & White" will turn up thousands of listing in the pottery section, but a search for "Liberty Blue" (a specific type of blue & white pottery) turns up only a few hundred items.

Your headline should also include "emotional" words designed to attract a bidder's attention. These words include: new, rare, unique, sexy, secret, unbelievable, super-value, etc. You should not call something "rare" if it is not. But, there are other adjectives that work well in headlines. Besides the emotional words you can use words such as exquisite, charming, wonderful, mint, perfect, clean, superb, etc. Just make sure you are accurate.

Once you catch the bidder's attention with a great headline, you need to "sell" them with your item description. Too many bidders simply describe the item they are selling. Yes, it is important to completely and accurately describe the item, but too many sellers leave it at that. Take the time to "romance" your item. Sell the benefits.

Before writing the auction description, ask yourself: "Why would someone want to own the item you are selling." If you are selling something you use, say so. Tell the potential bidder why you owned the item, how you used it, what benefits it brought you. Sell not just the features, but the benefits and the romance.

Here is an example:

"This Sterling Silver bracelet is five inches long set with zirconium stones that look just like diamonds."

Now lets add some romance:

"This exquisite Italian Sterling Silver bracelet is set with five glimmering zirconium stones that sparkle like diamonds. The silver is finished to a high polish. It's so bright, it looks like white gold. Whenever I wear this bracelet my friends ask: "Wow, are those real diamonds? Where did you get that bracelet?"

Your auction descriptions must also be complete. A clear photo is critical to the success of the auction, but remember, photos don't always show all the details a bidder needs. If you are selling an antique, collectible or any used item, be sure to describe any and all flaws. The fastest way to build negative feedback is to over-describe the item, or over-promise performance.

4. Poor Images Can Turn Off Sellers

The saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" is never more true than with on-line auctions. Not having a photo of your item will greatly reduce your bids, and lead to unprofitable or unsuccessful auctions. Not only must you have a photograph of what you are selling, the photo must be accurate and revealing.

It is not necessary to be a professional photographer. Ebay bidders understand that most sellers are taking snapshots of the products they sell. But, your photo should be clear, and show the product as completely as possible. Here are some tips for good photos: ·

·        If the size of an object is not obvious, use a reference such as a ruler or a coin.

·        Show any flaws or defects. Point them out in the caption if necessary.

·        Don't use a flash. It causes reflections. Take your photos in open shade or using indirect window light.

·        Do not use "stock" photos. Bidders want to see a picture of the actual item they are bidding on, not a scanned photo from a brochure.

·        Use a tripod to make sure your shot is sharp.

·        Keep your photos to less than 300 pixels. Larger photos take too long to load and impatient bidders will click away from your auction. The "e-mail" setting on most digital cameras works just fine for most auctions.

·        Except for flat items such as prints, photos, stamps, cards and so on, scanners often produce an inadequate image for most items. If you don't have a digital camera, you can now take a 35mm photo to most Kodak processors and they will digitize your images and return them to you on a floppy disk or CD. This will cost just a few dollars more than the processing.

5. Not understanding your costs is a prescription for disaster.

It is very easy for a new seller to get caught up in the excitement of selling and not pay attention to the costs involved in selling. Before deciding whether to sell an item on eBay, and what to sell it for (i.e. reserve or Dutch auction price), you need to understand all the costs involved.

First of all there is the "listing fee." There is also a "selling fee" that will be set by what price the item actually sells for. There may be a fee to process a Billpoint, PayPal or credit card sale. If you use an auction management service such as Andale or AuctionWorks then you have their fees. Don't forget shipping, and the cost of the shipping materials.

If you are selling items you purchased wholesale, were there postal charges to get it to you? Did you pay VAT on the item?

Many businesses fail because they are either under financed, or because they do not understand their costs. A program such as Quicken's "Quick Books" could be one of your best investments. Quick Books will allow you to track every expense, down to the penny, and allocate the costs to different categories so you will fully understand where every pound is going and if it was well spent.


Information WILL Make You


Any product you would download or receive by Floppy, Email or CD is considered to be an info product.

Though it takes some study and patience to reap the rewards of selling information effectively, in the long run it will be worth the effort.

In the last few months , I have expanded my information base, some I have paid a lot of money for, and others I have bought for next to nothing. I hope to be listing more than 30 types of information within the next 3 months,

So, what I will do is:_

30 different types of information. I reckon that you can purchase this for less that 150 pounds.

Take each type of information, and place the maximum of 10 listings that you are allowed on ebay,

So, with 30 types of information, that will be 30 x 10 = 300 listings per day.

Being conservative, out of 300 listing per day, i am working on only selling 45 per day . ( I am currently selling 8 per day with just 15 listings, so in reality I could suggest to sell 100 per day). But lets work on 45.

45 sales per day, my cheapest info is 5.95, so that is sales of 8,100 pounds of sales per month.

(this is the important key, DO NOT SELL INFO AT LOW PRICES  99p = 4.99, you will never make a fortune, keep you prices high, if the information is good, people will by it. After all, you have paid to buy this , and I think it good value for money.

Your listing costs will be high, round about £4,200 per month, That leaves me with   £3,900  per month profit, x 12 = £46,800 per year.

It really is possible. What you should do, is take 2 or 3 weeks to look for the information. Look all over the internet, papers, ebay, your own experiences and skills. Then start with 1 to see how it sells, first see what the competition are selling it at, or maybe its not on sale elsewhere ( even better).When your sales are covering all your cost of listing and commission fees, then release a second one, then a third, etc. Don’t exactly copy others, but use their ideas, most info products sold are in the ‘Public Domain’ so anyone can use them! Just look at the info products other Powersellers are selling?  Use similar items in similar categories, BINGO, multiple streams of income! It really is that simple! TRY IT?

I have tried some for three weeks, then withdrew them , as they were not selling very well. This is why you need to try several types. But I assure you it is possible to make this sum of money. The sums above are very realistic, and you do it all from home, without even going to the Post Office !!!!!!! GREAT!

Here are 11 principles to live by when you start your auction business. They will work wonders for you...

1. Pick Your Niche and Define Your Market

This is ground zero for your success strategy. Find your own niche. Define your market. Then you can know the type of person you’re going to be selling to and the types of product you want to sell.

You're auction sales letters will be a hundred times better if you know the person who you are writing for.

Along with being in a superior position to take advantage of repeat business, the benefits from becoming specialized are endless-

We well be getting into this a little more later.

2. Your Vision

Know where you want to go with your business and why. Every business that thrives has a soul and a purpose. What is it that you want long term? Do you want to become financially independent?

What do you want short term? Do you want to make a steady income every week? If so, how much? Give yourself something to shoot for and try to surpass it.

Remember in the beginning to keep plugging away. The toughest time is at the start. Everyone has to serve as an apprentice before they can truly master what they do.

When you're starting out be willing to absorb every ounce of helpful information your brain can hold.

3. Order is the Foundation of Every Good Thing

One of your early foundations of success is order. Strive for efficiency in every aspect of what you do. If you’re lacking in a system of organization your whole business is going to be threatened.

This not only includes keeping things in their place but things like keeping income tax and business expenditures records.

4. Serve Your Customer With a Passion

In business your customer is the only thing. You customer is far more important than any product you sell. Strive to give them quality at every level of the transaction.

With online auctions most sellers have a hard time looking past the initial sell. As far as they are concerned after the initial bid the relationship is over. That is why most of them don’t do so swell when they try to make a business of this.

Look far beyond the first sell. It is only the beginning of a long mutually beneficial relationship.

5. Become An Expert In Your Field

Become an authority in what you do, wherever you choose to go with you online auction business. If you sell CD media supplies, you want to be thought of before anyone else.

When you become an authority in your field, a whole new universe of business and opportunity is opened up to you.

I buy certain types of things on eBay from the same sellers over and over. I wouldn't dare do business with anyone else, not when they have proven themselves and their product.

You want to earn that same type of position in the minds of eBayer’s for your niche.

6. Credibility- the Key Factor in Selling

Become trustworthy. Remove every doubt about your credibility any chance you get. You can do this through presenting yourself positively through your feedback, being passionately devoted to your business and by being an expert.

By making great complete ads and from answering emails quickly.

The X factor is the critical ingredient for online sales success.

7. Harness the Power of Technology

Use you existing software of the Internet to handle repetitive tasks. This will free you up to grow your business to a level...

One of my big sticking points is leverage. Leveraging means getting everything you can, out of all you got. When you use existing tools and methods for freeing yourself from repetitive tasks, you will compress time.

That means you will get more work done with less effort... and as a result you will make more money.

8. Get Everything You Can Out of All You Have

A wiser person than myself once said, "There are only two qualities in the world, efficiency and inefficiency, and only two sorts of people: the efficient and the inefficient."

Maximize results while minimizing your expenditures. This is the essence of what it takes.

Test ads ruthlessly to get more for your advertising dollar. Look for better ways to do business. So much can be do to get better and better returns. Set an ideal up for yourself and call it, "efficiency"- if you do this you will never become stagnant in what you do...

Always search for better and better returns for the amount of resources you put in.

9. Probably the Most Important Thing: Your Sales Material

Your sales letter is your salesman. On the net, how you're potential buyer perceives you and your product is everything.

Copywriting is the art of showing you and what you sell to your buyer in the best possible light.

It’s the most important thing you have going for you. A carefully crafted sales letter can increase you results exponentially without having to spend an extra penny.

10. Shoulder The Risk in the Transaction

Risk reversal is on of the strongest free sales tools you have at your disposal.

When you offer your bidders a satisfaction guarantee, you are telling them that you are confident that your product can deliver, and if not you are willing shoulder the risk for them by giving them their money back…

Very rarely do they ask for one unless your product is poor.

This is one of the easiest ways to increase sales; if you have a good product to begin with, don’t neglect this technique. I see many sellers who don’t offer one when they could.

It’s a must to offer one with your Dutch auctions. A strong risk-reversing offer will clinch sales that pass others by.

11. Perseverance Will See You Through Anything

Perseverance is your greatest asset of all, especially when things get rough. To me, nothing is more fulfilling than meeting challenge head on and winning out.

Anytime you run into trouble or resistance in your business, accept it as a growth opportunity that you need in order to get to higher levels or success.

Most of all, trading on Ebay should be an enjoyable experience. Most of the time it is, and as you grow your business, I am sure that you will have fun as well as receive the benefits of your labour.

So, i am afraid that, that is all folks. I have tried to give my honest opinion as to how you can get one step ahead of other ebayers. I hope you feel this was money well spent and of course, I know, that you are going right now, to leave my positive feedback, because you know how important it is.

Thank you and thanks again for your support, and don´t forget that I am now here to support you too!!!!!!