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You need to perform 3 simple pre-requisites


Then it’s a simple 2 step process 


Why it works ?

As the transfer from the Online betting account to the credit card is a credit transaction and not a refund transaction you will keep the AirMiles you gained by making the purchase on the credit card. 

The only limit to the amount of airmiles you can collect is the credit limit set on your credit card, and the amount of time to transfer funds back and forth.

This process can be repeated as much as necessary to enjoy an airmiles income. 

Warning !

Please be aware that interest charges will be incurred on the credit card if the correct amount is not credited back within the terms and conditions of the credit card that you apply for. 

Also you will need to ensure your spending goes over your monthly statement date so as the credits show as new spends. 

Also beware of the way your spending looks, all the transactions are performed online but may be subject to a human review if you are putting money in and out without gambling any.  

Also by using this site http://www.floodle.net/extra/ebayinfo/Tesco-Voucher-Codes.html you can gain masses of extra points at tesco’s and turn them into airmiles. I have made over 600 airmiles in 2 weeks, just from tesco’s alone. 


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