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Helping Your Child Learn To Read

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Helping Your Child Learn To Read
Teach your Child to Read - EBook
Teach your child to read with this excellent eBook

The ebook can be downloaded here


This is the question we parents are always trying to
answer. It's good that children ask questions: that's the best
way to learn. All children have two wonderful resources for
learning--imagination and curiosity. As a parent, you can
awaken your children to the joy of learning by encouraging
their imagination and curiosity.
Helping Your Child Learn to Read is one in a series of
books on different education topics intended to help you make
the most of your child's natural curiosity. Teaching and
learning are not mysteries that can only happen in school. They
also happen when parents and children do simple things
For instance, you and your child can: sort the socks on
laundry day-sorting is a major function in math and science;
cook a meal together-cooking involves not only math and science
but good health as well; tell and read each other
stories--storytelling is the basis for reading and writing (and
a story about the past is also history); or play a game of
hopscotch together playing physical games will help your child
learn to count and start on a road to lifelong fitness.
By doing things together, you will show that learning is
fun and important. You will be encouraging your child to study,
learn, and stay in school.

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