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How to Create a Garden Pond

This information sold on eBay as
How to Create a Garden Pond
Create a great pond
Create Your Own Garden Pond Ebook

The ebook can be downloaded here


How To Create Your Own Garden Pond

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A garden pond, with the right planning and stocked with the right kind of aquatic plants and fish, will be a marvellous asset to your garden, attracting a great many wild animals and eventually becoming a miniature nature reserve.  It is possible to have a pond which is self sustaining, requiring only occasional maintenance to keep it in good condition.

        This ebook discusses:

        Pond size

        Where to place the pond

        Construction of the pond

        Fish & how many fish

        Looking after your fish

        Pond plants

        Pond maintenance


This is ebook is only 6 pages long but is packed with information.  It comes in a .pdf format which you will download upon purchase and payment. 

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