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The Secrets of Crystals & Gemstones

This information sold on eBay as
The Secrets of Crystals & Gemstones
Secret Powers of Gemstones And Crystals
The Mystic Healing Secrets of CRYSTALS & GEMS

The ebook can be downloaded here


Secret Powers of Gemstones And Crystals

This exciting, full colour, E-book includes information on the following:-

A-Z of the most popular Crystals & Gems

*Ancient & modern properties
*Healing properties of Crystals & Gems
*How to choose your Crystals & Gems
*How to care for your Crystals & Gems
*Chakra Crystals & Gems
*Astrological & Zodiac Crystals & Gems
*The secret life of Crystals
*And much, much, more

This is a full colour E-book with a wealth of information and pictures.  Contained within its pages are answers to questions I'm asked time and again, such as:-

 Why do crystals & gemstones have power?

 How do you use them effectively?

 How do you heal with crystals & gemstones?

 Should you share your crystals & gemstones?

 ......and answers to many more questions too!

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