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Buying A Property In Cyprus

This information sold on eBay as
Buying A Property In Cyprus
All You Need To Know About Buying A Property In CYPRUS

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Don't even think about buying property in Cyprus before reading this report...

"Who Else Wants To Learn Everything They Need To Know About Buying Property In Cyprus,
And Avoid Getting Ripped Off From Costly Mistakes, By Downloading This 50 Page Comprehensive Report Which Explains
Every Single Detail?"

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Dear Friend,

      If you are thinking about property in Cyprus, then this report is to you what is the Bible to Christians.

      With this report you have an unfair advantage over other foreigners wanting to buy a house or invest in property in Cyprus.

      Everything you need to know about Cyprus, its people, its history, its contemporary life, its laws related to buying properties, tax related information and how you can save tons of money by being informed.

      We've done the homework for you. Your search is now simplified with this comprehensive, 'A to Z' report.

      You will learn:

Activities and Clothing - What to wear and when

 Where to go to enjoy the island's delicious cuisine

 Discover how Cypriots have fun with music and wine tasting

 The history of Cyprus - From Cleopatra to Great Alexander

 How Cypriots show their hospitality and warmth

 Where to go online to start learning Greek

 What buses or taxis to take - From interurban to rural we've got it all with timetables and tarriffs so you won't get ripped off

 How to buy your home in 5 easy steps

 A breakdown of all associated taxes and transfer fees

 What expenses will you have after you purchase

 What you should know about mortgages in Cyprus

 All the legalities concerning permits you will need

 Where to go online to find the current exchange rate between your country and Cyprus

 How much money can you import or export

 How to book a property viewing trip

 How to get a special price, UK£120 per person, for your viewing trip, which includes return flights, accommodation in a 3-star hotel on a b/b basis, transport to and from the airport in Cyprus, and the property tour in the company of one of their Property Advisors

 How to get up to CYP£700 cash back rebate for your purchase

 Everything you need to know about living in Cyprus - From electric current to food safety and water quality

 What you need to know about the Cyprus government system

 Banking in Cyprus - What you need to know

 Crucial information for disabled visitors

 Getting medical care in Cyprus

 What you need to know about importing your pet in Cyprus

 How to gain a tax advantage

 What phone numbers to call in case of an emergency

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