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Disaster Preparedness Kit

This information sold on eBay as
Disaster Preparedness Kit
Disaster Preparedness Kit ebook

The ebook can be downloaded here

from http://www.disasterwise.com


Don't get caught out in a disaster, be prepared for the unlikely. You just never know when disaster will strike, but if it does you will be more then prepared for it with the information this ebook gives you.

Four Steps to Safety 6
Find Out What Could Happen to You . 6
Create a Disaster Plan  6
Complete This Checklist  7
Practice and Maintain Your Plan . 8
Your Disaster Preparedness Kit 10
Children & Disasters. 15
Children and Their Response to Disaster. 15
Advice to Parents:  16
Special Needs Section People with Disabilities and Senior’s. 18
Introduction  18
Understanding Disasters  19
Know the difference between a "watch" and a "warning". 19
Know what your environment is likely to look like after the disaster . 20
Know some other effects of a disaster . 22
Know how disaster-related stress may affect your disability  22
Know how a disaster may affect your independence. 25
Know how to reduce the impact of a disaster on you  25
Creating a Personal Support Network 25
Completing a Personal Assessment . 28
Personal Care . 29
Personal Disaster Preparation  32
Emergency Information List  33
Medical Information List . 33
Date Completed 39
Disaster Supplies 41
Basic Disaster Supplies Kit 42
Disaster Supplies for Your Car  43
Service Animal and Pet Supplies . 44
Disaster Preparedness Kit
Power-Dependent Equipment  44
Additional Information on Equipment and Supplies . 45
Storing Supplies . 47
Date Completed 48
Making Your Home or Office Safer  49
Glossary 50
Considerations for Pets and Pet Owners. 53
Have a Safe Place To Take Your Pets . 53
Assemble a Portable Pet Disaster Supplies Kit 54
Know What To Do As a Disaster Approaches  55
Your Quick Click Reference Guide 58

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