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Get 100 Feedback on EBAY in 7 days

This information sold on eBay as
Get 100 Feedback on EBAY in 7 days easy
How to get 100 Feedback in 7 Days Be a PowerSeller

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Get 100 Feedback in ONE Week!

Updated for 2006!

Have you tried to sell items on eBay, and found out that you need a certain Feedback score to sell in that format? It's because eBay has certain restrictions on sellers depending on your feedback score.

Don't you wish there were a LEGAL, legitimate way to achieve those high feedback scores, without having to buy hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of stuff to get it? Well there is!

You CAN get feedback FAST!

Why do you need your feedback so quickly? It's because eBay limits your selling options if your feedback score is too low! Here are some of the major features that you cannot use:

# One day Auction: 10 Feedback Rating Required
# Featured Plus Auction: 10 Feedback Rating Required
# Buy It Now Listing: 10 Feedback Rating Required
# Dutch Auction (Multiple Items in Same Auction): 30 Feedback Rating Required

It's these types of selling options that help a seller truly make it BIG. They allow you to promote your products to more people, sell more of it, and sell items more quickly! On top of that, the higher your feedback score, the more trustworthy you appear to buyers. That means when people see your high feedback score, they will be willing to spend more money and buy items faster! And the best part is these methods are allowed in eBay's rules and 100% legal.

So by now, you are probably tired of hearing about how all this feedback will help you. It's time to learn how to do it!

Knowing these secrets alone will allow you to start your eBay business right away, so that you can make as much money as you choose to make! 

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