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Your very own EBOOK WEBSITE

Similar information sold on eBay as
Your very own EBOOK WEBSITE
Automated Ebook Website with 70 ebooks plus ringtones
Get Your Own Automated eBook Business With Website!

Note: there are a number of different ebook websites for sale on eBay, this is just one of them, and may not be the best.

The package can be downloaded in 2 parts here
Warning - it's quite big !
AnAutomatedEbookStore.zip.001 - 45 MB
AnAutomatedEbookStore.zip.002 - 37 MB

Save both files to the same location and unzip the first one which will also read from the second one automatically to produce a single file named AutomatedEbookStore.zip which will unzip into a folder structure.

Use 7-zip as WinZip has problems and 7-zip is completely free.

Recommended hosting for your website at http://www.lunarpages.com


The retail value of this webstore is £99.99 so it is worth more than the price of this package alone!

Once set up this website requires no work at all.

Just sit back and watch the money roll in!

This fantastic ready-to-go e-book webstore is the same one that I use to sell to my customers.

It is written in PHP, not one of those basic HTML website's that are being sold by most other e-book sellers and that require you to create and upload new pages every time you want to add a new product.

I will show you how to set it up, how to add your own details, how to customize it, how to add/remove products, how to change prices etc.

Basically, everything you need to know to begin making money!

A professionally designed website costs hundreds but we've included one of the very best available for you at no extra cost.

Check out some of its features:

 Pre-installed with 50 best-selling e-books & websites with full resell rights to get you started.
 Easily add your own e-books and downloadable products, complete with pictures, descriptions and prices.
 Ready to accept online credit card orders with popular payment methods such as Paypal and Nochex.
 Totally automated checkout system! Customers get an instant download of their purchase straight after payment.
 Manage your store online via your own easy to use web-based Store Admin Area.
 Easily change the prices and edit product descriptions to your own taste via your Admin.
 Keeps an easy to manage record of all customers and orders online.
 Text and colours are completely customizable via your Admin.
 Works with UK Pounds, US Dollars, Euros, Australian Dollars and Canadian Dollars.
 Create unlimited categories and subcategories.
 No need to add Paypal buttons. Simply enter your Paypal email address in your Admin. That's it!
 Automated built-in links page where other websites can exchange links with you.
 Easily send newsletters to all your customers with your own built-in Newsletter Manager.
 Readily search engine optimised to help your website rank in the search engines.
 Add your own keywords and meta tags through your Admin to help your search engine ranking.
 Built-in Google Adsense. Simply enter your Google Adsense ID in Admin and start earning extra cash.
 Upload your own banners to your affiliate programmes and other websites for extra profits.
 Displays random Featured e-books every time the front page is visited.
 Editable About Us and FAQ pages that can be customized in Admin.
 Editable pre-filled Terms And Conditions and Privacy pages.

All you need to do is add your Paypal email address in the Admin Area, upload to your webspace and you are ready to accept orders online and start making money!

Take a look at a demo of this website by clicking here (http://www.anewshop.co.uk/demoautoebookstore/) (please not the checkout is disabled, to comply with eBay rules).


To install you will need a Linux web server with CPanel and PHP4 or above.

You will also need a lot of web space for storing all the e-books online.

A web server with a CPanel Control Panel, PHPMyAdmin and MySQL database is Required.

This e-Book store is designed for CPanel and is NOT guaranteed to work properly on any other type of hosting set-up.

Web hosts WITHOUT CPanel have different settings that can CONFLICT with the website software.

If anyone knows of any copyrights covering any of the information here then please contact me immediately and I will remove it.


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