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The Official eBook Sales Guide

This information sold on eBay as
The Official eBook Sales Guide
The Official Ebook Sales Guide - How To Sell Ebooks!!!

The ebook can be downloaded here


"An amazing new eBook shows you how to sell hundreds of eBooks per year!"

"I will show you
step-by-step how to automatically sell ebooks for maximum profits!"

Dear Friend,

Are you ready to learn a simple system that I use to sell hundreds of eBooks while only working a few hours per week?

Do you want to have more money and time to spend with your family?

If you answered yes, The Official eBook Sales Guide is the eBook you need to read immediately. You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a marketing guru to make money selling eBooks online. If you are willing to learn, I will show you exactly how.

The Official eBook Sales Guide shows you how to set up your own Integrated eBook Marketing System that will automatically sell dozens of eBooks even if you just promote one or two.

Imagine having dozens of ebook sites that literally run themselves while you are playing with your kids, out on the town or doing whatever thrills you.

Here is a taste of what you'll learn in The Official eBook Sales Guide:

    * How most people try to sell eBooks and why they fail miserably

    * The three best places to buy eBooks with resale rights dirt cheap

    * How to drive targeted traffic to your sales sites without spending a dime

    * The four things you must have before you start selling eBooks

    * How to set up money making Joint Ventures

    * How to negotiate highly profitable trades

    * How to dramatically increase your average ebook order

    * How to keep customers and prospects coming back to your sites

Order today and you will be amazed how easy it is to make money with eBooks when you have the right system in place!

You won't have to read hundreds of pages to learn The Integrated eBook Marketing System. This eBook is well written and gets right to the point. You can start putting my system to work for you tonight.

When you order today you will also get $134 worth of bonuses

    * Master Resale Rights to The Official eBook Sales Guide.
      You can sell this eBook and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.
      It even includes a ready to go sales page! ($97.00 Value)

    * Dustin Struckman's eBook "Automated Money" ($17.00 Retail)

    * Jimmy D. Brown's brand new eBook "Profits Every Month" ($20.00 Retail)



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