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How To Get The Truth Out of Anyone

This information sold on eBay as
How To Get The Truth Out of Anyone
*THE TRUTH E-BOOK*how to get the truth out of anyone*

The ebook can be downloaded here


How to Get the TRUTH out of ANYONE!!

This ebook is Excellent for those who suspect they have a cheating spouse and also for those who are in management or other supervisory positions. This book was written by a Ph.D and is very descriptive on what things to look for if you suspect someone is lying to you.

This book tells you all the tips, tricks, body language, and words used by someone is lying.

Section 1 discusses the Signs of Deception. It covers words used, body language, Facial Expressions, and even gives you a psychological profile.

TIP: Did you know that a person who is lying never asks questions? A person who is telling the truth wants to help you get to the bottom of the problem and asks questions about the situation!

Section 2 Teaches you how to become The Human Lie Detector and gives you an attack sequence to "Crack the Liar's" Story.

Tip: Did you know a person who is lying never sits up straight? A liar always slouches when lying.

Section 3 gives you Tactics for Detecting Deceit & Gathering Information in Casual Conversations!

Tip: Did you know a Liar has limited gestures? Their Movements will seem stiff and mechanical.

Section 4 Covers Mind Games. Teaches you questions to ask to get someone to admit they 'might' have done something wrong.

Tip: Did you know that a Liar is always defensive when questioned and a person who is telling the truth will be offensive?

Section 5 Covers Advanced Techniques for Getting the Truth!!

Tip: Did you know a Liar doesn't like silence?? He speaks to fill in any gaps of silence.

Section 6 Covers Tricks of the Trade. These techniques are used by the masters.

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