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How these "make millions on the Internet" sites work

Examples of such sites are

Trying to con a lot of people for small amounts is not as easy as conning a few people out of large amounts, it's easier getting £2,000 out of 100 people that £2 out of 100,000 people.

99% of people will see it for the scam it is, the other 1% are suckers - suckers who, once they have made the initial purchase,  you now have contact with.
Once hooked they are easier to reel in - this 1% is the 1% who will make you rich - they believed the hype, now you need to take them for all they've got. So the first product perhaps costs £40 - anything  less and they wont buy it, they need to think it has a value - saying normal price is £100 but reduced  this month only helps add value - perceived quality.

Once they've spent £40 they're committed - you've got them, the first info pack you send them for their £40 is mainly promotional information, at this stage you are still selling dreams - phrases like  "congratulations! - you've done it! - get ready for a life changing experience" should be everywhere.

You want them to think they've won the lottery or the equivalent. Tell them about your lifestyle (make  it up of course), this is what they WILL achieve. At this point you are selling them their dreams -  everyone has different dreams but they (almost) all have one thing in common - they need money to make  them come true, Your readers are going to get this money so it's time for them to start thinking about  spending it - cars, houses, yachts, holidays - give them ideas "debt free", "no mortgage", "no loans",  "best Christmas ever (everyone loves giving, you're showing them how to get enough money to give  everything they want - all their friends will love them more".(you may wish to employ a writer to get  this just right)

Now remember, they've just spent £40 on this information - they're going to read it cover to cover  which is what makes it the perfect sales pitch vehicle.

This info pack should be 20% real guide (what they paid for), 40% dream sales and 40% sales pitch
Although the £40 has given them some great info (they think - i.e. you tell them), there is so much  more like an advanced program with full support - this is only the tip of the iceberg, they can stop  here and be comfortable or they can pay more and join the elite / advanced program. This is only for  the people who are really serious and want to become seriously rich. This is where the big bucks come  in - they will get a direct email link to you and lets face it - at the moment they rate you up there with God. This elite program isn't cheap though however it does come with resale rights - i.e. they  get 30% of all referrals (including the elite program) where as normal referrals only get £20 - this alone can make them rich. The cost? - £1,995 - a small investment compared to the rewards (potential)  - put it in perspective - 3 referrals will pay that back more is profit and lets be honest - they believe in the system so why wouldn't others.

What are you actually selling? - details on driving traffic to their website - that's it.

The best way to drive traffic is referrals, offer people £20 for every referral that actually buys your product. Since you sell your product for £40 and it's only an ebook anyway - i.e. costs you nothing  then how can you lose? your affiliates will spam the heck out of the Internet for you and you can say  "oh but it's against our policy - we have a 100% antispam policy" - which of course is rubbish but who can prove that.
One important trick is to provide your own "promo text" for affiliates to use or a choice of a few; this promo text will gush with how wonderful the system is etc - that way the net gets covered in great comments about you.

When you first announce this scheme you don't tell anyone your name - they don't know you've just  started and haven't made a single penny yet; you tell them you've been developing and perfecting this  system for 5 years and now you want to share (you're kind like that), you've already proved it works -  you're a millionaire! (for all they know)

[Biggest secret of all and one noone else will tell you]
You then create some fake affiliate accounts and spam the Internet using them, this way you get word out quickly at no cost and no comeback to you. Also other affiliate hunters see this golden goose and join up.

The real art is taking the phrase "the way to get visitors is to set up a referral scheme" and turn it into a 200 page ebook.

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