No Longer Works

{Update - Barclaycard no longes does Nectar; AMEX does but this process wont work because AMEX wont let you use their card at meccagames - please let me know if anyone finds a similar process that still works}

"As a Nectar points collector, you are no doubt aware that for every 500 points you collect, you get £2.50 to spend at places like Argos and Sainsbury’s. This Equates to £50 free shopping money for 10000 points, £250 for 50000 and £500 for 100,000 and so on. You will also be aware that unless you get all the bonus points on any special promotions, it can take an age to accumulate a substantial points balance. Following the five steps outlined below changes that. Using this method, you can easily add 1000’s of points every month. During the first month that I used this method, I added 7300 points to my Nectar balance. I then went and did £35 worth of shopping at Sainsbury’s – for nothing!

Step 1
Apply for a Barclaycard credit card and register your Nectar card to it. To do this, simply phone Barclaycard and give them your Nectar number.

Step 2
Open a Meccagames account (www.meccagames.com). Use your Barclaycard for making deposits and withdrawals.
When you make your first deposit of £10 you will receive £10 free. You need to spend this initial £20 on any of their bingo or slot games and continue to play the games occasionally (about 5-10% of your earnings is sufficient – see table below) for Meccagames to be happy that you are using your account properly. When you do play the games, you do of course, stand a decent chance of winning and making a profit anyway – so don’t immediately assume that you will be £10 out of pocket. If you do lose the whole £20 (your £10 and the free £10) just consider it as an investment – you WILL make it back. Playing the games myself, I’ve found the best ones that payout quite well are: Slots- Bankenstein, Loot-n-Khamun, Sports Crazy and Ooh Matron; Bingo Games- Cashline and Bingo-Keno Super-Jackpot. Keep your stakes to 20p or 50p and all of those will pay you something fairly quickly (Bankenstein seems to throw up Jackpots quite regularly). As I explained though, you may lose all the money you play on the games – but this method is not about gambling- the Meccagames site merely acts as an easy gateway for you to wind up your Nectar balance. All will be explained in Step 3.

Step 3
Now here comes the big squeeze. Barclaycard credit card customers currently earn 1 Nectar point for every £2 spent. Once you’ve played your initial £20, you need to deposit the whole of your available Barclaycard balance into your Meccagames account. Then spend an amount of this on games (any amount- one 20p stake is enough). After 2 minutes has passed (you can’t use your card again within 2 minutes) withdraw the whole of your balance back to your Barclaycard. It usually takes between 2-3 days for the withdrawn funds to appear back on your Barclaycard and be available to spend again.

Step 4
Keep checking your Barclaycard balance over the next few days to check when withdrawn funds have been added back to your account. You can do this by clicking on ‘register’ on the ‘My Account’ section of the Barclaycard website, www.barclaycard.co.uk.

Step 5
As soon as your withdrawn funds are back on your Barclaycard and you have a balance to spend, repeat steps 3 and 4. You can do this, depending upon how quickly the withdrawn funds are cleared back to your Barclaycard (average 3 days) up to 12 times a month. Below is a table of how many points/ how much shopping money you can earn, based on doing this 10 times per month:

Available Barclaycard Balance Total Deposited & Withdrawn Nectar points earned per Money available to spend at
each month month via Barclaycard Argos/ Sainsbury's etc.
£200 £2,000 1000 £5
£500 £5,000 2500 £12.50
£750 £7,500 3750 £18.75
£1,000 £10,000 5000 £25
£2,000 £20,000 10000 £50
£5,000 £50,000 25000 £125
£10,000 £100,000 50000 £250

As you can see from the above table, even a new Barclaycard customer with an initial credit limit of £200, can easily make £60 FREE shopping money per year. However, you will not be limited to £200 for long. Barclaycard recognises the withdrawals back to your card as payments- this means that you will never have to make a payment, you will never accumulate any interest on your Barclaycard (as you are continually paying off your balance) and your credit rating will be excellent. This all means that your credit limit will very quickly be increased and your Nectar earning potential will increase inline.
I have been doing this for over one year and at the time of writing this guide, my credit limit stands at £3600. I am currently making between £80-90 per month. This doesn’t cover my entire shopping bill, but it certainly goes a long way towards it. I also, of course, after claiming my vouchers at Sainsbury’s, use my Nectar card at the checkout and earn more points on my shopping.
Out of the money I make, I usually stake around £10 on the slot and bingo games to ensure my Meccagames account stays in good favour. I don’t know if they would close my account for continuously depositing and withdrawing without actually spending any money, but I’d rather not take the risk. The main reason for this is that they will not allow the same card to be registered again once an account is closed. The other thing I should also point out is that over the past 12 months, I’m actually about 22% up on money I’ve staked on the games (I’ve staked £110 and have got back just over £133). Whether this is a return rate you can rely on or whether I’m just lucky, I don’t know, the main point of course is that I’ve also made just over £1000 shopping money.
There are of course other online gaming accounts that accept Barclaycard where you would be able to do this. There are several reasons why I have found Meccagames to be the best for this process. Firstly, they are UK based and are extremely reputable (part of the Rank group). As they are UK based and are a large, well resourced company, they have among the quickest withdrawal times in the business – many other sites can have you wait up to 10 working days for the money to appear back on your card. They also have the smallest initial deposit requirement for a 100% bonus (£10 for £10). Also, they have very low stakes available on games – as little as 20p! Lastly, you do actually win from time to time- I’m currently about 22% up on money I’ve staked on games.

Points to remember
 Do check your Barclaycard balance regularly and deposit as soon as possible
 Do stake something on games each time you deposit – even if its only 20p!
 Do stake a reasonable amount on games occasionally – maybe £5-£10 every couple of months
 Do take your Nectar card with you and get the points for the shopping you do with your free cash
 Do ask Barclaycard regularly for an increased credit limit – if they don’t do it for you anyway
 Don’t just deposit and withdraw – you may put your Meccagames account at risk. Spend something – even if it’s just the odd pound every now and again.
 Don’t get carried away on the games and become a compulsive gambler – unless you’re a lucky one!

So there you have it. I know this report is a few pages and there seems like quite a lot of information, put the process is actually very simple. Once you’ve got everything set up, this method actually takes about 5 minutes online every 3 days or so.

Hope you find this information as useful and rewarding as I have.

Good Luck."