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Make Your DVD Player Region Free

This information sold on eBay as
Dvd Unlocker - Unlock your DVD 1000+ CODES Multiregion
Make Your DVD Player Region Free - Unlock codes for £1

The ebook is a copy of the information found at the following site


Multi Region DVD Players Unlock Codes/Method E-Book to set your DVD player REGION FREE. (OVER 2,500 DVD Players) 

PLEASE NOTE: Some unlock method require you to burn a CD (firmware update)

How would you like to Play DVD from other countries using your favorite brand of DVD Players like Sony and Pioneer?

Are you tired of generic brand or unreliable brand of DVD Player?

With our product, you can unlock DVD Players to their fullest potential and play DVD from ALL Region

All you have to do is follow the instruction in the E-Book, and you will be able to convert brand like Sony and Pioneer into multi region DVD Player.

What is a Multi Region DVD Player Codes?
It is a secret combinaison code that you enter with your dvd players remote control to set your dvd player to be region free.

What are "regional codes," "country codes," or "zone locks"?
Motion picture studios want to control the home release of movies in different countries because theater releases are not simultaneous (a movie may come out on video in the U.S. when it is just hitting screens in Europe). Also, studios sell distribution rights to different foreign distributors and would like to guarantee an exclusive market. Therefore they required that the DVD standard include codes to prevent playback of certain discs in certain geographical regions. Each player is given a code for the region in which it is sold. The player will refuse to play discs that are not coded for its region. This means that a disc bought in one country may not play on a player bought in another country.




Philips DVP5982
Sony DVP-NS700H/B
Sony DVP-FX820
Samsung DVD-1080P8
Coby DVD-224
Sony DVP-NS57P/S
Philips DVP5140
Samsung BD-P1400
Sony DVP-NS57P/B
Audiovox D1718PK
Sony DVPFX810
Samsung DVD-VR375
Axion AXN6079
LG DP781
Toshiba DR410
Panasonic DMP-BD30K 1080p
Audiovox VE927
Coby TF-DVD8501
Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player
Audiovox D1817PK
Philips PET1030
Sony DVP-FX820/R
Toshiba DR560 1080p Upconverting DVD Recorder
Panasonic DVD-LS86 8.5-Inch Portable DVD Player
Philips DVDR3575H/37
4KUS DVR-230
A-trend AD-L528
A-trend LE511
Aboss AB-6863
Acoustic Solutions AS8099
Acoustic Solutions DVD150AS
Acoustic Solutions DVD421
Acoustic Solutions DVD451
Acoustic Solutions DVD521
Acoustic Solutions DVD551
Acoustic Solutions DVD651
Acoustic Solutions TE 118A
Advueu PD710
AEG M-2002
AFK DVD-102.1
Afreey ADV-2360
Afreey LD-2060
Afreey PDV-2000
Airis L103C
Airis L120
Aiwa AVJ-R5
Aiwa AVJ-X55
Aiwa HT-DV1
Aiwa HT-DV90
Aiwa HV-DH1
Aiwa HV-DH10
Aiwa XD-AX36
Aiwa XD-DV370
Aiwa XD-DV480
Aiwa XD-DV520
Aiwa XD-DW1
Aiwa XD-DW5
Aiwa XD-DW7
Aiwa XR-DV525
Akai ADR-5800Di
Akai ADV-1120 or ADV-1250 or ADV-8175
Akai ADV-8000
Akai ADV-9000
Akai DHT-300
Akai DV-P1000
Akai DV-P2000
Akai DV-P2340
Akai DV-P2440
Akai DV-P2500
Akai DV-P2540
Akai DV-P3410
Akai DV-P3470
Akai DV-P3550
Akai DV-P3570
Akai DV-P4000
Akai DV-P4330S
Akai DV-P4410
Akai DV-P4420S
Akai DV-P5380S
Akai DV-P5570SL
Akai DV-P5580SK
Akai DV-PX7000 or DV-PK7700
Akai DV-R3400SS
Akai DV-R4000SS or DV-R4150SS
Akai DVD-200BL
Akai DVD-3850S
Akai DVDRW120
Akai DVM-9500
Akai DVPS-760
Akai DVR-2100SS
Akai DVR-3100SS
Akai DVR-3300SS
Akai PDVD150
Akura ACHTS02
Akura ADV143S
Akura ADV148S
Akura ADV14S or ADV146S
Alba DVD103
Alba DVD106
Alba DVD108
Alba DVD109
Alba DVD113
Alba DVD114
Alba DVD119
Alba DVD129
Alba DVD165
Alba DVD45 or DVD50blk
Alba DVD55
Alba DVD59
Alba DVD65
Alba DVD70
Alba DVDP500
Alba TVD3450
All-tel DVD 101
Allegro ABV441
Amitech AD702
Amitech AD710
Amitech DVD 704
Amoisonic DVD2002
Amoisonic DVD8166
Amoisonic DVD8506
Amphion ABT V101
Amstrad DVD 2320
Amstrad DX 3016
AMW M270
AMW M280
AMW P510
AMW P819
AMW T342
AMW T365
AMW V101
AMW V250 or Yamakawa 215
Andersson D1
Apex AD-1000
Apex AD-1010W
Apex AD-1100W
Apex AD-1200
Apex AD-1201
Apex AD-1500
Apex AD-2600
Apex AD-3201
Apex AD-500 or AD-500a or AD-500b or AD-500wm
Apex AD-5131
Apex AD-600
Apex AD-660
Apex AD-700
Apex AD-703
Apex AD-800
Apex DRX-9000
Apex HT-170
Apex PD-10
Apex PD-100
Arcam DV78
Arcam DV79
Arcam DV88
Ariston DVD 2000
Aristona ADV423
Aristona ADV425
Aristona ADV430
Arrgo ADD-210
Arrgo ADP-700
Ascomtec DVD 3003
Aspire Digital AD-1000
Aspire Digital AD-1100
Aspire Digital AD-1100S
Aspire Digital AD-8000
Aspire Digital AD-8091
Aspire Digital AD-900
Aspire Digital AD-N820B
Atacom DV967
Audiologic DVD-101
Audiologic DVD-108
AudioSonic DVD2004
AudioSonic DVD2005
Audiovox D1420
Audiovox D1500
Audiovox D1501
Audiovox D1705
Audiovox D1708
Audiovox D1710
Audiovox D1730
Audiovox D1750T
Audiovox D1805
Audiovox D1812
Audiovox DV1100
Audiovox DV1500
Audiovox DV1680
Audiovox DV1700
Audiovox MVDVD3 or MVDVD4
Audiovox STS25
Audiovox STS27
Audiovox VBP50
Austek DS-8319
Avayon DXP-1000
Axion AXN 6070
Axion DVD 2000
Baier 903
Bang & Olufsen DVD1
Baze DVD5500
Bellagio AD-2020
Bellagio DVD-807
Belson BSA-3500
BestBuy Easy Home DVD DV!
BestBuy Easy Home DVD VX!
Binatone DP1800
Blue Nova International BNI1000R
Bluesky 100
Bluesky 2210S
Bluesky DS-2300
Bluesky DS-8315
Bluesky DS-8330
Bluesky DV-1000
Bluesky DV-800
Bluesky DV-900
Boman DM-2010
Bose 3:2:1 Home Entertainment System
Bose Lifestyle 18
Bose Lifestyle 28
Bose Lifestyle 28 Series II
Bose Lifestyle 35
Bose LifeStyle 38
Boss DVD2000
Boss DVD2500
Boss DVD4000
Brainwave 502
Brainwave 602 or 602T
Bravo HD1
Buffalo LinkTheater PC-P3LWG/DVD
Bush 1000
Bush 1005
Bush 2000
Bush 2002
Bush 2004A
Bush 2008
Bush 2009
Bush 2023
Bush 2024
Bush 2039
Bush 2523
Bush DVD-142TV
Bush DVD-143TV
Bush DVHS1 or DVHS4
Bush DVRHS02
Cambridge Audio DV300
Cambridge Audio DVD55
Cambridge Audio DVD57
CAT DV-921
CAT DV-922
CAT DV-931
CAT DV-933
CAT DV-977
Cat DV-RX2
CAT DVA-2002
CAT HTC-2002
Cavs DVD-101G
Cavs DVD-103G
Cat DVA 2050
Cello DVD8105
Centrum DVD-C100
Centrum Libra
Centrum Xamba 300
Centrum Xamba 500
CGV AX-201
Cinevision DVP650
Cinevision DVR2000
Citizen JDVD2010
Citizen JDVD3818
Citizen JDVD3820
Citizen JDVD3829
Citizen JDVD3830
Citizen JDVD3836
Citizen JDVD3838
Citizen JDVD3841W
Citizen JDVD3842
Citizen  JDVD-3843A
Clairtone CLDVD101T
Clairtone CLDVD103T
Clairtone CLDVD105T
Clas Ohlson DVD/DivX
Classic DVD102
Classic DVD103
Classic DVD50S
Classic DVHE150R
Clatronic DVD 491
Clatronic DVD 556
Clatronic DVD 592
Clatronic DVD 593
Coby DVD-202
Coby DVD-203
Coby DVD-207 or DVD-507
Coby DVD-215
Coby DVD-218
Coby DVD-223
Coby DVD-224
Coby DVD-227
Coby DVD-404
Coby DVD-505
Coby DVD-507
Coby DVD-508
Coby DVD-514
Coby DVD-515
Coby DVD-527
Coby DVD-606
Coby DVD-615
Coby DVD-626
Coby DVD-707
Coby DVD-815
Coby DVD-915
Coby DVD-925
Coby DVD-R1000
Coby DVD-R1100
Coby TF-DVD1540
Coby TF-DVD500
Coby TF-DVD5000
Coby TF-DVD5010
Coby TF-DVD5600
Coby TF-DVD7050
Coby TF-DVD7100
Coby TF-DVD7500
Coby TF-DVD7705
Compacks AB 6820
Compacks DRW 101
Compacks DVD 4000
Compacks DVD 5000
Compacks DVD 800
Compacks DVD S580
Conia DVD-2002
Conia M-100
Conia M-131
Conia M-281
Conia M-310T
Cougar CVD515
Crown CDV1100
Crown CDV1500
Crown CDV661
Crypto DVD 200
Curtis DVD6500
CyberCOM CC 4931
Cyberhome AD-L 528
Cyberhome AD-M 212
Cyberhome AD-M 512
Cyberhome AD-N 212
Cyberhome CD-DVD 655
Cyberhome CD-LDV 7000
Cyberhome CH-DVD 300
Cyberhome CH-DVD 302
Cyberhome CH-DVD 320
Cyberhome CH-DVD 400
Cyberhome CH-DVD 401
Cyberhome CH-DVD 402
Cyberhome CH-DVD 405
Cyberhome CH-DVD 412
Cyberhome CH-DVD 452 or 462
Cyberhome CH-DVD 462
Cyberhome CH-DVD 500
Cyberhome CH-DVD 505
Cyberhome CH-DVR 1500
CyberHome CH-DVR 1600
Cyberhome CH-DVR 2500
Cyberhome CH-LDV 1010A
CyberHome CH-LDV 1010B
CyberHome CH-LDV 7000
Cyberhome CH-LDV 700B
Cyberhome CH-LDV 702
Cyberhome CH-LDV 707B
Cyberhome CH-LDV 712
Cyberhome MP016-A
Cyberhome Prism
Cyrus DVD7
Cytron TCM Edition
D-I-K DVD 090
D-I-K DVD 270
D-I-K DVD 311
D-I-K DVD 352
D-I-K DVD 367
D-I-K DVD 911
D-I-K DVD R366
Dabs Value P215
Daenyx DVD807
Daewoo DDT-21H9S
Daewoo DF-4100/DF-4150
Daewoo DF-8100/DF-8150
Daewoo DG-K21 or DG-k23
Daewoo DHC-2200K
Daewoo DHC-5800K
Daewoo DHC-X100 or DHC-X100NT
Daewoo DHC-XD150E
Daewoo DHC-XD350 or DHC-XD350E
Daewoo DHC-XD500 or DHC-XD500K
Daewoo DM-K40 or DM-K41
Daewoo DPC-7100P
Daewoo DQD-2100D
Daewoo DQD-2101D
Daewoo DQD-2112D
Daewoo DQD-6100D
Daewoo DQD-6112D
Daewoo DS-2000N
Daewoo DS-2500N
Daewoo DV-115
Daewoo DV-135
Daewoo DV-500
Daewoo DV-700S
Daewoo DV6T811N
Daewoo DV6T81N
Daewoo DV6T821N
Daewoo DV6T834N
Daewoo DV6T844B
Daewoo DV6T85N
Daewoo DV6T955B
Daewoo DV6T999B
Daewoo DVC3000
Daewoo DVD-323
Daewoo DVD-5700
Daewoo DVD-5800
Daewoo DVD-5900
Daewoo DVD-8000K
Daewoo DVD-9000S
Daewoo DVD-P480
Daewoo DVD-P80S
Daewoo DVD-S150
Daewoo DVD-S151
Daewoo DVD-S250
Daewoo DVG-3000N
Daewoo DVG-4000S
Daewoo DVG-5000D
Daewoo DVG-5000N
Daewoo DVG-5200S
Daewoo DVG-5300N
Daewoo DVG-6000D
Daewoo DVG-8300SE
Daewoo DVG-8400N
Daewoo DVG-8500N
Daewoo DVG-9000N
Daewoo DVG-9200N
Daewoo DVN-3100N
Daewoo DVN-8100N
Daewoo S2122
Daewoo SD-6200
Daewoo SD-7500
Daewoo SD-7800
Daewoo SD-8100
Daewoo SD-9500P
Daewoo SD-9800P
Daewoo T6300N
DaewooO DVD-702
Dalton DVX-600
Dansai DVD1010
Dansai DVD852
Dansai DVD902
Dansai DVD952
Dansai DVD955
Dantax DVD1000
Dantax DVD450
Dantax DVD920
Dantax DVS2500
Daytek dvd-700
Daytek DVD-705M
Daytek DVD-707
Daytek DVD-868V10
Daytek DVD-868V50
Daytek DVR-P30
Daytek M700M
Daytek M705M
Daytek P818
Daytek P871
Dayton DVD-S708
Dayton DVD 750
Dayton DVD 751
Dayton DVD 777
Decca DDV-2120
Decca DDV-2141
Denon ADV-700
Denon DHT-500SD
Denon DN-V300
Denon DVD-1910
Denon DVD-2800
Denon DVD-3000
Denver DRS-1700
Denver DVD-122
Denver DVD-132
Denver DVD-141
Denver DVD-142
Denver DVD-152
Denver DVD-172
Denver DVD-176
Denver DVD-182
Denver DVD-186
Denver DVD-188 DivX
Denver DVD-192
Denver DVD-311
Denver DVD-321
Denver DVD-402
Denver DVD-432
Denver DVD-436
Denver DVD-438
Denver DVD-616K
Denver DVD-706K
Denver DVD-916K
Denver DVR-150
Denver JVD200
Denver MT-703
Denver TVD-2101
Desay DS-501
Desay DS-5701
Desay DS-6338A/B/D
Desay DS-N808
Diamond 101
Diamond 105
Diamond DVD-201D
Diamond DVD8072
Diamond DVDV805
Diamond Vision DVDV803-03
Digiquest DVD 2000
Digitor DVD 2117
Digitor DVD 3119
Digitor DVD 5100
Digitor G1602
Digitor G1605
Digitor G1606
Digitrex GK-1020
Digitrex GK-1100
Digitrex GKX-9000
Digix DVR-3000
Digix Media DV-228B
Digix Media DV-288
Digix Media DV-526UP
Digix Media HT-1056A
Dimarson DM-350
Dimarson DM-611
Dimarson DM-R500
Dimarson DMP-300
DK Digital DVD-270
DK Digital DVD-311
DK Digital DVD-339
DK Digital DVD-352
DK Digital DVD-367
DK Digital DVD-500
DK Digital DVD-911
DK Digital DVD-915
DK Digital DVD-R379
DMTech DM-2000
DMTech DM-2010
DMTech DM-R500
DMTech DMP-300
DMTech DMP-305
DMTech DMP-310
Dragon Systems DVD 100
DSE G1598
DSE G1607
DSE G1608
DSE G1629
DSE G1912
Dual 7000 MP
Dual 7001 MP
Dual 8000 MP
Dual 8100 MP
Dual 8200 MP
Dual DVD800
Dual DVD859
Dual R-9000 SI
Dual XDVD180
Durabrand DP305
Durabrand DUR1700
Durabrand DVD1000
Durabrand PVS1680
Durabrand PVS1960
Durabrand PVS1970
Durabrand PVS1966
Durabrand PVS1970
Durabrand PVS223
Durabrand STS75E
DVS VXM-2000
DVS VXM-2100
Dynex DX-PD510
E-DEM D050
e:max DVX 601
eBench KH 6507
eBench KH 6777
Electrohome EH8158
Electrohome EH8169
ElectroHome EH8181
Electrohome EH8402
Electrohome EH8415
Ellion DVA-3000
Ellion DVD-320A
Ellion DVD-360A
Ellion DVD-560A
Ellion DVD-560C
Ellion DVR-515A
Ellion DVR-530S
Ellion DVR-900A
Ellion DVR-900C
Ellion DVR-950A
Elta 8845 MP4
Elta 8881
Elta 8882
Elta 8883
Elta 8890
Elta 8891
Elta 8892
Elta 8893
Elta 8894
Elta 8895
Elta 8896
Elta 8897 or 8897 csl
Elta 8898
Elta 8901CS
Elta 8905CS
Elta 8907
Elta 8918 MP4
Eltax DR-109
Eltax DV-100
Eltax Spirit
Elyxio DVD-2200S
Emerson EMD-2100
Emerson EWD-7004
Emprex PD-7001
Encore DV450
Entiveo DP3220
Enzer E-5008B
ESA DP3220
Euroline 2023D
Euroline 6620
Euroline 6632
Euroline 6642M
Euroline 6652
Euroline 6720M
Euroline 6722M
Euroline DVH6675
Ferguson FDVDR1
Finlux CT-2112TN-DVD
Finlux CTW-3227TN-DVD
Finlux DVD F-2101
Finlux DVD F-2501
Finlux DVD F-3101
Finlux DVD F-510
Finlux DVD-113
Finlux DVD-310
Finlux DVD-312
Finlux DVD-313
Finlux DVD-412
Finlux DVD-510
Finlux DVD-511
Finlux DVD-512
Finlux DVD-513
Fintec 904
Firstline FDVD2000
Firstline FLAV10
Firstline FLAV20
Fisher S1000
Fisher S1100
Fisher S1500
Force DVD-Master
Fujilink TH368
Gateway AR-230
Gateway Connected DVD
GE Digital 5803P
GE Digital DGE100N
GE Digital GE1101
GE Digital GE1101P
GE Digital GE1105P
GE Digital GE1106
GE Digital GE1106P
Genica GN-800 Kalua
Goldstar GBV441
Goodmans DVD 3500PK
Goodmans DVD 3600PKT
Goodmans GDVD 100
Goodmans GDVD 100R
Goodmans GDVD 124
Goodmans GDVD 125
Goodmans GDVD 131
Goodmans GDVD 132
Goodmans GDVD 134
Goodmans GDVD 135
Goodmans GDVD 139
Goodmans GDVD 141
Goodmans GDVD 143FM
Goodmans GDVD 147
Goodmans GDVD 150
Goodmans GDVD 161DX
Goodmans GDVD 515
Goodmans GDVD 60LCD
Goodmans GDVD 62WLCD
Goodmans GDVD 66
Goodmans GDVD 67WLCD
Goodmans GDVD301R
Goodmans GDVDR 300R
Goodmans GHDD177DVDR
Goodmans GTV14DVD
Goodmans GTV34R4DVD
Goodmans GVDV 50LCD
GoVideo D2730
GoVideo DV2140
GoVideo DV2150
GoVideo DVP1100
GoVideo DVP1165
GoVideo DVP750
GoVideo DVP850
GoVideo DVP853
GoVideo DVP855
GoVideo DVP860
GoVideo DVP865
GoVideo DVP950
GoVideo DVR4175
GoVideo DVR4200
GoVideo GVP7811
GoVideo HT2015
GoVideo R6740
GoVideo R6750
GoVideo VR3845
GoVideo VR4940
GPX DV1010
GPX DV2000
GPX DV3000
GPX DV3000c
GPX DV7500
Gradiente Advanced DVD
Gradiente D-10
Gradiente D-12
Gradiente D-20/3
Gradiente D-200
Gradiente D-201
Gradiente D-21/3
Gradiente D-22
Gradiente D-30/3C
Gradiente D-460
Gradiente D-461
Gradiente DV-60/3
Gradiente DVD-6500
Gradiente HTS-150D
Gradiente HTS-200D
Gradiente K-30
Gradiente K-340
Gradiente K-40/3
Graetz AV-330I
Grundig Cinio GDP 5240
Grundig GDP 1100
Grundig GDP 1400
Grundig GDP 2200
Grundig GDP 3300
Grundig GDV 130
Grundig GDV 210
Grundig GDV 211
Grundig GDV 220
Grundig GDV 2350
Grundig GDV 620HT
Grundig GDV 720HT
Grundig Livance GDP 2300
Grundig Livance GDP 2400
Grundig Livance GDP 3100
Grundig Livance GDP 3200
Grundig Malaga SE 1230
Grundig Xenaro GDP 4200
Grundig Xenaro GDP 5100
Grundig Xenaro GDP 5120
Grundig Xenaro GDP 6150
Grundig Xenaro GDP 6155
Grunkel DVG-20NT
Grunkel DVG-22NG
Grunkel DVG-32S
H & B DX-3255
H&B DRHD-120
H&B DRX-430
H&B DX-3110
H&B DX-3220
H&B DX-6526
Haier HD700
Hamlet XDVP880
Harman Kardon DVD1
Harman Kardon DVD10
Harman Kardon DVD1500
Harman Kardon DVD20
Harman Kardon DVD21
Harman Kardon DVD22
Harman Kardon DVD25
Harman Kardon DVD30
Harman Kardon DVD31
Harman Kardon DVD5
Harman Kardon DVD506
Haus H-2001-S
Haus H-615L-S
Himage DVD-2290
Himage HJ-2205
Himage HJ-2301
Himage HJ-8800
Himage HJ-9900
HiMAX DH-1111 or DH-2288
Hitachi DVP303U
Hitachi DVP315E
Hitachi DVP323U
Hitachi DVP335E
Hitachi DVP415U
Hitachi DVP505E
Hitachi DVP515
Hitachi DVPF3E
Hitachi HTD-K150
Hitachi HTD-K160
Hitachi HTD-K170
Hitachi HTD-K185
Hitachi PDV302
Hitachi PDV313
Hiteker BI-600
Hiteker HE-1120
Hiteker HE-1200
Hiteker HE-1500
Hiteker HE-1700
Hiteker HE-920 DivX
Hoher T020
Hoher T40
Hoher T058
Hoher T068
Homita HPU701
Hoyo 8050D
Humax DV-1000T
Hyundai DM-R500
Hyundai DVD-320A
Hyundai DVD-360A
Hyundai DVR-510C
Hyundai DVR-900A
Hyundai HDP-380
Hyundai HDP-550S
Hyundai HDV-2000
Hyundai HU-2010
Hyundai HU-555
Hyundai HU-DIV3899
Hyundai HY-1020
Hyundai HY-3430
Hyundai HY-7900
Hyundai HY-DVD580
I-O Data AVeL LinkPlayer2 AVLP2/DVDLA
iiSonic II2002
iiSonic II2316

Initial IDM-1210
Initial IDM-1250
Initial IDM-1252
Initial IDM-1731
Insignia I-PD1020
Insignia I-PD720
Insignia IS-HTIB102
Insignia IS-PD04092
Insignia IS-PD101351
Insignia IS-PDVD10
Irradio DVD 3
Irradio DVD 600
Irradio DVX 102
Irradio DVX 105
JDB Slimline-2
JNL Digivision 7001
JNL Digivision 7002
JNL Digivision 7003
Jocel MP3000
JSI JS4127
JVC XV-D2000
Jwin JD-VD753
Kawasaki DVD/VCR
Kawasaki PVS1965
Kendo 530102
Kendo 530103
Kendo DVD8200
Kendo DVX9200
Kennex DVD01-1
Kennex DVD22K5
Kenwood DDX7015
Kenwood DV-2070
Kenwood DV-605
Kenwood DVF-3050
Kenwood DVF-3060
Kenwood DVF-3530
Kenwood DVF-3550
Kenwood DVF-5010
Kenwood DVF-7010
Kenwood DVF-R5060
Kenwood DVT-8100
Keymat V560
Keyplug MP-4810
Kiiro X5 950
Kiiro X8
Kioto DVD-2001 MP
KiSS 1302
KiSS 1502
KiSS DP-1000
Kiss DP-1100
KiSS DP-1500
KiSS DP-1504
KiSS DP-330
KiSS DP-450
KiSS DP-470
KiSS DP-500
KiSS DP-508
KiSS DP-558
KLH KD-1220
Konka KD-1800U
Koss C220
Koss C928
Koss DVP2161
Koss KD210
Koss KD230
Koss KD250
Koss KD260
Koss KD270
Koss KD305
Koss KD365
Koss KS2503
Koss KS3101
Koss KS3102
Koss KS3112
Koss KS3120-2
Koss KS3122
Koss KS3123-2
Koss KS4102
Koss KS4110
Koss KS4122
Koss KS4125
Koss KS4190
Koss KS5121
Koss KS5190
Koss KS5192
KXD DVR-1000
Lafayette LF400
Landel DV-268
Lanzar SVDVD9
Lasonic Delta-1000
Lasonic DVB-8092
Lasonic DVD-1100
Lasonic DVD-2000
Lasonic DVD-2100
Lasonic DVD-3200
Lasonic DVD-7070
Lasonic DVD-8050
Lasonic DVD-8090
Lasonic DVD-8870
Lasonic DVF-982
Lasonic DVT-3030
LC Power LC-DV889
Lecson DVD-1000
Lecson DVD-900
Lenco DVD-02
Lenco DVD-05
Lenco DVD-06
Lenco DVD-12
Lenco DVD-14
Lenco DVD-16
Lenco DVD-201
Lenco DVD-203
Lenco DVD-270
Lenco DVD-511 H
Lenco DVD-514 H
Lenco DVP-700 T
Lenoxx DVD1000
Lenoxx DVD2002
Lenoxx DVD2003
Lenoxx DVD2200
Lenoxx DVD8700
Lenoxx DVD9000
Lenoxx HT500
Lenoxx HT600
LG 2002
LG 2230P
LG 2300
LG 2310P
LG 2330P
LG 2380P
LG 3000P
LG 3030N
LG 3200
LG 3251P
LG 3315E
LG 3350E
LG 3351
LG 3351E
LG 3351P
LG 3520
LG 3530
LG 3620
LG 3630
LG 4020N
LG 4210
LG 4220
LG 4593
LG 4710
LG 4721P
LG 4730
LG 4821P
LG 4830
LG 4921P
LG 4941P
LG 4950
LG 5063
LG 5073
LG 5083
LG 5084
LG 5095
LG 5183
LG 5184
LG 5193
LG 5195
LG 5253
LG 5502P
LG 5620
LG 5630
LG 5722N
LG 5812N
LG 5822N
LG 5822P
LG 5850A
LG 5921N
LG 5930
LG 5935
LG 593NW
LG 593W
LG 5942E
LG 5942P
LG 596M
LG 6033
LG 6044
LG 6053
LG 6193
LG 6194
LG 6353
LG 6812P
LG 7352N
LG 7732NSC
LG 7911N
LG DC-596B
LG DC-784M
LG DE-8421P
LG DF8900P
LG DK-7711P
LG DK-7821P
LG DK7942P
LG DK9923N
LG DKS-5000
LG DP8821
LG DP9821P
LG DR-4810
LG DR-4912
LG DR-4922
LG DR-6621
LG DR-6921
LG DR-7400
LG DR-7500
LG DR-7800
LG DR4812W
LG DS375
LG DT-585
LG DTH-7770
LG DV-6842P
LG DV-7821
LG DV-7942P
LG DV-8600
LG DV-8621P
LG DV-8651C
LG DV-8700A
LG DV-8700C
LG DV-8700H
LG DV-8721P
LG DV-8743P
LG DV-8900C
LG DV-8921N
LG DV1000
LG DV2000
LG DV8761
LG DV8931H
LG DV9723P
LG DV9823P
LG DVC8700 or 8704
LG DVD 1010
LG DVD-8742X
LG DVP7772
LG DVX 9843
LG DVX-7900
LG DVX-8651C
LG DVX-8751C
LG DVX-8851
LG DVX-9700
LG DVX-9900
LG DZ9811P
LG DZ9900
LG KT-17LZ21
LG LDA-530
LG LDA-531
LG LH-C6231
LG LH-C6235
LG LH-D6230
LG LH-D6240
LG LH-D6245
LG LH-D6246
LG LH-D6430
LG LH-D6530D
LG LH-SW5200
LG LH-T1000
LG LH-T250
LG LH-T6340
LG LH-T6345
LG LH-T6540
LG LRA-536
LG LRA-537
LG LRH-539
LG LST-3510A
LG LXD-5230
LG NS8421T
LG RC-6800
LG RC-68223
LG RC-6921W
LG RC-7000
LG RC-7723W
LG RC6821W
LG RH-4810
LG RH-4840
LG RH-4920
LG RH-4940
LG RH-7500
LG RH-7521W
LG RH-7624W
LG RH-7800
LG RH-7800H
LG RH-7823W
LG RH-7900MH
LG RH-7926W
LG RH4820W
LG V-692W
LG V782W
LG V8706
LG V8716
LG V8824W
LG V9120W
Lifetec LT 7457
Lifetec LT 7989
Limit AVP1800
Limit DVD8070
Limit DVD8072
Limit DVD8080a
Limit DVD9090
Limit DVD9900SE
Limit DVDA900
Limit DVDX800
Limit JDV300a
Liquid Video DIR LV505
Lite-On LVC-9006
Lite-On LVW-5001
Lite-On LVW-5002
Lite-On LVW-5004
Lite-On LVW-5005
Lite-On LVW-5006
Lite-On LVW-5007
Lite-On LVW-5026
Lite-On LVW-5045
LiteOn LVD-2001
LiteOn LVD-2002
LiteOn LVD-2010
Loewe Xemix
Loewe Xemix 5006DD
Loewe Xemix 5106DO
Loewe Xemix 6222PS
Logix DVD-3000
Logix DVD-3300D
Loomax DivX-DVD X-50
Lumatron DVD 1020
Lumatron DVD 20K1
Lumatron DVR-104
Luxor DV402
Luxor DV403
Luxor DV404
Luxor DV703
Luxor DVD-L3001
Luxor DVR1203
Magnasonic DVD800-4
Magnasonic DVD802-2
Magnasonic DVD803-2
Magnasonic DVD805-2
Magnasonic DVD808-2
Magnavox MDV410
Magnavox MDV411
Magnavox MDV412
Magnavox MDV421SL
Magnavox MDV422
Magnavox MDV425
Magnavox MDV430SL
Magnavox MDV434
Magnavox MDV435
Magnavox MDV442
Magnavox MDV450
Magnavox MDV455
Magnavox MDV458
Magnavox MDV630R
Magnavox MDVD100
Magnavox MPD700
Magnavox MPD720
Magnavox MRD200
Magnavox MRD20037
Magnavox MRD500VR
Magnavox MRV700VR
Magnex DVP900
Malata DAV-3100
Malata DVD-2818A
Malata DVD-2818B
Malata DVD-560V
Malata DVD-710V
Malata DVP-393
Malata DVP-500P
Malata DVP-520
Manhattan DVD 2000
Manta DVD-007
Marantz DV-18
Marantz DV-3100
Marantz DV-3110
Marantz DV-4000
Marantz DV-4200
Marantz DV-4300
Marantz DV-6200
Marantz DV-6400
Marantz DV-7000
Marantz DV-7010
Marantz DV-7600
Marantz VC-5200
Mark TFE200
Marquant DVD-333K
Matsui 110
Matsui 120
Matsui 122
Matsui 125
Matsui 225
Matsui DAV70
Matsui DVDR100
Matsui PL305
Matsui PL607
Maxim MX11-20
Maxim MX11-21
Maxim MX11-31
MBO 921
MBO 940 Plus
Mecotek MK-X4000
Mediencom DS-8302
Medion MD 40288
Medion MD 40570
Medion MD 40598
Medion MD 40807
Medion MD 41027
Medion MD 41095
Medion MD 41862
Medion MD 42167
Medion MD 4310
Medion MD 4358
Medion MD 4359
Medion MD 4364
Medion MD 4560
Medion MD 4847
Medion MD 4883
Medion MD 4987
Medion MD 5370
Medion MD 5410
Medion MD 6250
Medion MD 7457
Medion MD 7888
Medion MD42183
Memorex DVD2000C/P
Memorex MM-8000
Memorex MVD-2020
Memorex MVD-2022
Memorex MVD-2027
Memorex MVD-2028
Memorex MVD-2029
Memorex MVD-2030
Memorex MVD-2037
Memorex MVD-2042
Memorex MVD-2051
Memorex MVD-P1072
Meridian 596
Meridian 800
MIB DV-2100
MiCO A-980
MiCO Celo80
MiCO Diamante 3000
MiCO DVD1028
MiCO Sofia 02A
MiCO T180
Minato DVD-G1
Ministry Of Sound MOSDV014
Mintek DVD-1600
Mintek DVD-2110
Mintek DVD-2580
Mintek MDP-1010
Mintek MDP-1020
Mintek MDP-1060
Mintek MDP-1720
Mintek MDP-1770
Mintek MDP-1810
Mintek MDP-5860
Mintek MDP-5861
Mintek MP-1710
Mirror DVD-MIRR110
Mirror MIRR53
Mishine DVD2004K
Mitsubishi Black Diamond BD24DVD
Mitsubishi Black Diamond BD48DVD
Mitsubishi Black Diamond MP-3000
Mitsui 650
Momitsu DVD-V56L
Momitsu DVD-V880
Momitsu DVD-V880N
Monyka 8200
Mustek DTV-407 Pro or DTV-408 Pro
Mustek DVB-T202
Mustek DVD-PL207
Mustek DVD-PL407H
Mustek DVD-PL408
Mustek DVD-PL408HM
Mustek DVD-PL510T
Mustek DVD-PL607
Mustek DVD-R100A
Mustek DVD-R100B
Mustek DVD-R100LB or R100A
Mustek DVD-R400A Plus
Mustek DVD-R580
Mustek DVD-V300
Mustek DVD-V520
Mustek DVD-V560
Mustek DVD-V560
Mustek DVD-V562
Mustek DVD-V56L
Mustek DVD-V56L 5E
Mustek DVD-V56LM 2E
Mustek DVD-V56S
Mustek DVD-V600 R
Mustek DVD-V600 RS 325
Mustek DVDR100LM
Mustek HT-713
Mustek ScanMagic V100
Mustek ScanMagic V200
Mustek Scanmagic V300
MX Onda MX-DVD841
MxOnda MX-DVD800
MxOnda MX-DVD850
MxOnda MX-DVD855
Myryad MDV 200
NAD S570
NAD T512
NAD T513
NAD T524
NAD T531
NAD T532
NAD T550
NAD T562
NAD T571
Naiko N2001B
Naiko N2051
Naiko N2081
Naiko N2866
Nakamichi DVD-10S
Nakamichi DVD-15
Nakamichi Soundspace 10
Nakamichi Soundspace 11
Neufunk DT-2000
Neuston Maestro DVX-1201
Nevir NVR-2046
Nexphil EDP-550S
Nextbase DVD 9000
Nexxtech DP3222
Nexxtech EDP3110
Nikai NDVD1056
Nintaus n9100
Nintaus n9738
Nintaus n9739
Nintaus n9769
Nintaus n9801
Nintaus n9808
Nintaus n9868
Nintaus n9888
Nintaus n9901
Norcent DP 1600
Norcent DP 1800
Norcent DP 201
Norcent DP 215
Norcent DP 220
Norcent DP 300
Norcent DP 302V
Norcent DP 305
Norcent DP 311
Norcent DP 312
Norcent DP 313
Norcent DP 315
Norcent DP 316
Norcent DP 321
Norcent DP 501M
Norcent LHNT 2000
Nortek NDVX-100
Nortek NDVX-110
NorthQ 5000
Nova DV-D311
Nova DV-P5133
Olidata 1999-E
Omni DV966VW
Omni DVC6700
Omni DW2105
Omni SLP2000KD
Omni SLP2100KC
Onkyo DV-L5
Onkyo DV-S555
Onkyo DV-S939
Onkyo DV-SP500
Optim DS-8302
Orava DVD-500
Orava DVD-503
Orion DV-KT
Orion DVC 5000
Orion DVD 2000
Orion DVD 337S
Orion DVD 407 X
Oritron DAV2100
Oritron DAV2503
Oritron DAV3102
Oritron DVD100
Oritron DVD1030
Oritron DVD200
Oritron DVD2113
Oritron DVD2117
Oritron DVD2118
Oritron DVD3116
Oritron DVD3119
Oritron DVD4110
Oritron DVD4119
Oritron DVD600
Oritron DVD650
Oritron DVD720
Oritron DVD760
Oritron DVD810
Oritron DVD820
Pacific DVD-1000
Pacific DVD-1002
Pacific DVD-750
Packard Bell DVD-DivX 300
Packard Bell DVD-DivX 350
Palladium DVD 2211
Palsonic DVD-V100
Panasonic A105
Panasonic A110
Panasonic A330
Panasonic A350
Panasonic DMR-E30
Panasonic DMR-HS2
Panasonic PV40
Panasonic RA61
Panasonic RV20
Panasonic RV26
Panasonic RV30
Panasonic RV32
Panasonic RV60
Panasonic RV80
Panasonic SC-DK2
Panasonic SC-HT75
Panasonic SC-HT80
Philco DV-P2000
Philco DV-P2100
Philco DV-P2500
Philco DV-P4800
Philco PH-4500
Philco PH-5000
Philco PH-5100
Philco PH-7000
Philco PH-9100
Philco PH-9200
Philco STC-999
Philips 14PT6107
Philips DVD 580HC
Philips DVD 580MT
Philips DVD 590M
Philips DVD 615
Philips DVD 616K
Philips DVD 622
Philips DVD 623
Philips DVD 624AT
Philips DVD 625
Philips DVD 626K
Philips DVD 627K
Philips DVD 633
Philips DVD 634
Philips DVD 640
Philips DVD 700
Philips DVD 701
Philips DVD 702
Philips DVD 703
Philips DVD 704
Philips DVD 707
Philips DVD 714
Philips DVD 718
Philips DVD 722
Philips DVD 724
Philips DVD 724AT
Philips DVD 725
Philips DVD 726
Philips DVD 727
Philips DVD 728
Philips DVD 729
Philips DVD 730
Philips DVD 731
Philips DVD 733
Philips DVD 736K
Philips DVD 737
Philips DVD 750VR
Philips DVD 751
Philips DVD 755VR
Philips DVD 761
Philips DVD 762
Philips DVD 765K
Philips DVD 783CH
Philips DVD 793C
Philips DVD 865AT
Philips DVD 870L
Philips DVD 870P
Philips DVD 930
Philips DVD 950
Philips DVD 953
Philips DVD 956
Philips DVD 972
Philips DVD Q30
Philips DVD Q35
Philips DVD Q40
Philips DVDR3320V
Philips DVDR520H
Philips DVDR610
Philips DVDR615
Philips DVDR630VR
Philips DVDR70
Philips DVDR72
Philips DVDR725H
Philips DVDR75
Philips DVDR80
Philips DVDR880
Philips DVDR890
Philips DVDR990
Philips DVP 3005
Philips DVP 3010
Philips DVP 320
Philips DVP 323
Philips DVP 3500
Philips DVP 4000
Philips DVP 5100K
Philips DVP 520
Philips DVP 530
Philips DVP 532K
Philips DVP 534K
Philips DVP 5500S
Philips DVP 630
Philips DVP 632
Philips DVP 642
Philips DVP 720SA
Philips DVP 721VR
Philips DVP 762
Philips DVP 9000S
Philips DVP 900SA
Philips FWD5
Philips FWD550
Philips FWD596
Philips FWD750
Philips HDRW720
Philips HTS 3300
Philips HTS 3400D
Philips HTS 3500
Philips HTS 8010S
Philips JR32RWDVK
Philips LX3000D
Philips LX3500D
Philips LX3600D
Philips LX3700D
Philips LX3750
Philips LX3900SA
Philips LX3950
Philips LX7000SA
Philips LX7100SA
Philips LX8000SA
Philips LX8200SA
Philips LX8300SA
Philips LX8500W
Philips MCD370
Philips MCD700
Philips MX1060D
Philips MX2500D
Philips MX3600D
Philips MX3660D
Philips MX3700D
Philips MX3800D
Philips MX3900D
Philips MX3910D
Philips MX3950D
Philips MX5500D
Philips MX5600D
Philips MX5700D
Philips MX5800SA
Philips MX5900SA
Philips MX6050D
Philips PET 1000
Philips PET 700
Philips PET 710
Philips PET 800
Philips PET 810
Philips ProDVD 175
Philips TV DVD 28PW6826
Phonotrend DVD-2600
Phonotrend DVD-2788
Phonotrend DVD-2800
Phonotrend Prestige 2200
Phonotrend Prestige 2780
Phonotrend Prestige S-2100
Pioneer DCS-100
Pioneer DV-2650

Pioneer DV-370
Pioneer DV-373
Pioneer DV-454
Pioneer DV-646
Pioneer DVL-91
Pioneer HTZ-55DV
Pioneer NS-DV55
PJ Jamo DVD-P 5000
PLU2 DVX 345pro
PLU2 HiScan 128V
Polaroid DVP-0600
Polaroid DVP-1000
Polaroid PDM-0711
Polaroid PDM-0722
Polaroid PDM-0723
Polaroid PDM-0725
Polaroid PDM-0822BD
Polaroid PDM-0825M
Polaroid PDV-0700
Polaroid PDV-0701A
Polaroid PDV-0713A
Polaroid PDV-0750
Polaroid PDV-077PT
Polaroid PDV-0800
Polaroid PDV-0801A
Polaroid PDV-0813A
Polaroid PDV-0820
Polaroid PDV-0821T
Polaroid PDV-1002A
Portland PVD-1000
Precision PVD108S
Prima DV1500
Prima EP DVD650
Prima PDV2050
Primare V10
Proline DVD1000
Proline DVD1040
Proline DVD1050
Proline DVD1100
Proline DVD150HT
Proline DVD2000
Proline DVD2500
Proline DVD3600PKT
ProScan PS8680Z
ProScan PS8682
Proson DVD 2002
Proson DVD 2320
Prosonic PD-2302-PS
Protron PD-007
Provision DCE-2500
Provision PRDVD172
Provision PRDVD2.0
Provision PRDVD2166
Provision PRDVD3100
Qwestar MVP360
Radionette RN6500
Radionette RN6502
Radionette RN8502
Raite AVPhile 711
Raite AVPhile 713
RCA RS2030
REC 850
Redstar DVD 229A
Redstar DVD 229C
Redstar DVD 229DP
Redstar DVD 229E
Redstar DVD 230
Redstar DVD 231
Redstar DVD 510
Regent DVD-1000
Reoc A2
Reoc A3
Reoc A5
Richmond DVX-1000
Rimax MPEG4 DivX DVD Multiplayer
Roadstar DVD-2010H
Roadstar DVD-2013H
Roadstar DVD-2014H
Roadstar DVD-2019
Roadstar DVD-2020H
Roadstar DVD-2025H
Roadstar DVD-2027H
Roadstar DVD-2028H
Roadstar DVD-2200K
Roadstar DVD-2501DivX
Roadstar DVD-3000
Roadstar DVD-3201P
Roadstar DVD-3620H
Roadstar DVD-4000VCR
Roadstar DVD-5103
Roadstar DVD-5104
Roadstar DVD-7000P
Ronin DVD M110
Ronin DVD M280
Ronin DVD P215
Ronin DVD P215F
Ronin DVD P701
Ronin DVD P703
Ronin DVD P803
Ronin DVD P807
Ronin DVD P80H
Ronin DVD P90H
Ronin DVD P9C0
Rowa DVD-280
Rowa DVD-3610
Rowa DVD-800
Saba DSA 100E
Saba DVD 430 SA
Saba DVD 431 SA
Saivod DVCI-15G
Saivod DVCI-18T
Salora S-1200
Salora SVD1030M
Sampo DVE-560
Sampo DVE-612
Sampo DVE-620
Sampo DVE-660
Sampo DVE-661
Sampo DVE-662
Sampo DVE-681
Sampo DVE-P1
Samsung CHT350
Samsung DTB-D700F
Samsung DVD-1010
Samsung DVD-1011
Samsung DVD-511
Samsung DVD-709
Samsung DVD-711
Samsung DVD-807
Samsung DVD-809
Samsung DVD-811
Samsung DVD-839
Samsung DVD-907
Samsung DVD-909
Samsung DVD-A500
Samsung DVD-C637
Samsung DVD-CM-350
Samsung DVD-CM250
Samsung DVD-E137
Samsung DVD-E138A
Samsung DVD-E138B
Samsung DVD-E232
Samsung DVD-E234
Samsung DVD-E235
Samsung DVD-E317
Samsung DVD-E335
Samsung DVD-E338K
Samsung DVD-E435
Samsung DVD-H40A
Samsung DVD-HD745
Samsung DVD-HD747
Samsung DVD-HD748
Samsung DVD-HD841
Samsung DVD-HD850
Samsung DVD-HD935
Samsung DVD-HD937
Samsung DVD-HD941
Samsung DVD-HD945
Samsung DVD-HD948
Samsung DVD-HD950
Samsung DVD-L100
Samsung DVD-L200
Samsung DVD-L300
Samsung DVD-M103
Samsung DVD-M104
Samsung DVD-M105
Samsung DVD-M108
Samsung DVD-M203
Samsung DVD-M204
Samsung DVD-M205
Samsung DVD-M305
Samsung DVD-M403
Samsung DVD-M405
Samsung DVD-MC20
Samsung DVD-N504
Samsung DVD-N505
Samsung DVD-P142
Samsung DVD-P144
Samsung DVD-P145
Samsung DVD-P148
Samsung DVD-P213
Samsung DVD-P233K
Samsung DVD-P240
Samsung DVD-P243N
Samsung DVD-P244
Samsung DVD-P245
Samsung DVD-P247A
Samsung DVD-P248A
Samsung DVD-P248K
Samsung DVD-P249M
Samsung DVD-P250K
Samsung DVD-P255K
Samsung DVD-P347
Samsung DVD-P355
Samsung DVD-P433
Samsung DVD-P450
Samsung DVD-P543K
Samsung DVD-P548K
Samsung DVD-R100
Samsung DVD-R120
Samsung DVD-R121
Samsung DVD-R122
Samsung DVD-R125
Samsung DVD-S124
Samsung DVD-S128
Samsung DVD-S221
Samsung DVD-S223
Samsung DVD-S224
Samsung DVD-S225
Samsung DVD-S228
Samsung DVD-S323
Samsung DVD-S324
Samsung DVD-S325
Samsung DVD-S328
Samsung DVD-S423
Samsung DVD-S424
Samsung DVD-S428K
Samsung DVD-V1000
Samsung DVD-V2000
Samsung DVD-V2200
Samsung DVD-V3300
Samsung DVD-V4800
Samsung DVD-V5000
Samsung DVD-V52
Samsung DVD-V530
Samsung DVD-V540
Samsung DVD-V5500
Samsung DVD-V55K
Samsung DVD-V6500
Samsung DVD-V70
Samsung DVD-V7000
Samsung DVD-V72K
Samsung DVD-V7500
Samsung DVD-V80
Samsung DVD-V85
Samsung DVD-VR300
Samsung DVD-VR320
Samsung DW-15G10
Samsung HT-DB120
Samsung HT-DB300
Samsung HT-DB600
Samsung HT-DL100
Samsung HT-DL200
Samsung HT-DL200P
Samsung HT-DL70DRH/XEU
Samsung HT-DM150
Samsung HT-DM550
Samsung HT-DS1000
Samsung HT-DS110
Samsung HT-DS400
Samsung HT-DS490
Samsung HT-DS610
Samsung HT-DS660T
Samsung HT-P38
Samsung HT-SK5
Samsung HT-UP30
Samsung HT-WP38
Samsung SV-DVD1E
Samsung SV-DVD3E
Samsung SV-DVD40
Samsung SV-DVD440
Samsung SV-DVD540
Samsung SV-DVD545
Samsung SV-DVD54T
Samsung SV-DVD55
Samsung SV-DVD640
Samsung SV-DVD645P
Samsung UW17J11VD
Samsung UW21J10VD
Sansui DVD 550S
Sansui DVX 1000
Sansui DVX 2100
Sansui DVX 3000
Sansui RZ9700AV
Sanyo DRW-1000
Sanyo DVD-1500A
Sanyo DVD-6040
Sanyo DVD-7201
Sanyo DVD-SL33
Sanyo DVW-5000
Sanyo DVW-7000
Sanyo DVW-7100
Sanyo DWM-360
Sanyo DWM-370
Sanyo DWM-380
Sanyo DWM-395
Sanyo HV-DX1E
Sanyo HV-DX2E
Sast AEP-803
Sast E810
Scan Ellion 520C DVX
Scan SC-2000
Scan SC-2500
Scan SC-440LSI
Scan SC-440SL
Schaub Lorenz DV-5310-1
Schaub Lorenz SL-D4000
Schneider 1003
Schneider 200
Schneider 810
Schneider 855
Schneider 857
Schneider HCS 500
Schneider HCS 515
Schneider SHC-201
Scott DSX 550
Scott DVD 838
Scott DVD 842
Scott DVX i802
Scott DVX i820
Scott DVX i880
Scott DVX i900
Scott DVX i950 CS
SEG Beverly Hills
SEG DVD 2000
SEG DVD 2211
SEG Fiji
SEG Hawaii
SEG Hollywood II
SEG Hollywood III
SEG Las Vegas
SEG San Diego
Sharp DV-620H
Sharp DV-740
Sharp DV-760
Sharp DV-S1H
Sharp HT-CN400DVE
Sharp HT-CN500DVH
Sherwood VD-4106R
Shinco DVD 2100
Shinco DVD 2120
Shinco DVD 360
Shinco DVD 380
Shinco DVD 8320
Shinco DVD 860
Shinco DVD 868
Shinco DVD 960
Shinco SDP 1200
Shinco SDP 1250
Shinsonic DVD-100
Shneider HCS400
Sigmatek X-100
Sigmatek XM-400 Pro
Silvercrest KH 6507
Silvercrest KH 6778
Singer SGD-001
Singer SGD-006P
Singer SGD-008
Singer SGD-135
Skyworth DVD-3650
Skyworth DVD-650
Skyworth DVD-750
SM Supervision 1000
SM Supervision 1100
SM Supervision 2000
SM Supervision 2100
SM Supervision 2200
SM Supervision 2400
SM Supervision 2500
SM Supervision 2550
Smart DVD2000
SMC 330S
SMC 530
Snazio Net DVD Cinema HD SZ1350
Sony AVD-LS10
Sony DAV-C700
Sony DAV-D150
Sony DAV-FC8
Sony DAV-FC9
Sony DAV-SB100
Sony DAV-SB200
Sony DVP-C660
Sony DVP-C670D
Sony DVP-CX860
Sony DVP-FX700
Sony DVP-M50
Sony DVP-NS530
Sony DVP-NS775V
Sony DVP-S330
Sony DVP-S335
Sony DVP-S350
Sony DVP-S360
Sony DVP-S530D
Sony DVP-S535D
Sony DVP-S536D
Sony DVP-S725D
Sony DVP-S735D
Sony DVP-S7700
Sony Playstation
Sony RDR-GX210
Sony SLV-D900
Sony SLV-D910
Starmedia 3023
Starmedia 4022
Strato DVD2503
Strato DVD5000
SumVision N820
Sungale DVD2002
Sungale DVD2026
Sungale DVD8208
Sungale DVD8500
Sungale DXP8015
Sunny DVD-650
Sunstech DVP-S105
Sunstech DVP-X505
Sylvania DV2000
Talent DVD-650
Tandberg DVD2500T
Tangent DVR-500
Targa DHR-5000
Targa DP-5100x
Targa DVH-5100X
Tatung TDV5100
Teac DV-1000
Teac DV-2000
Teac DV-2120
Teac DV-2150
Teac DV-2170
Teac DV-2180
Teac DV-2190K
Teac DV-2200
Teac DV-3000
Teac DV-3120
Teac DV-3150
Teac DV-3500
Teac DV-3800
Teac DV-3800VK
Teac DV-4000
Teac DV-C200
Teac DV-M5000
Teac DV-P100
Teac DV-P300G
Teac DVR101
Teac MCDV100
Teac MVD-100
Teac PL-D1000
Teac PL-D1200
Teac PL-D1400
Teac PL-D1520
Teac PL-D1620M
Teac PL-D2000
Teac PL-D2200
Technica AMS-100
Technica DVD-1020
Technica DVD-222
Technica DVD-251
Technica DVD-351
Technica DVD-451
Technica DVX-551
Technics SC-DV280
Technika DP-300
Technika DP-301
Technika DVD-1020
Technika DVD-104
Technika DVD-108
Technika DVD-2020
Technika DVD-203
Technika DVD-212
Technika DVD-512
Technika SVD-1165
Technosonic DVD-202
Technosonic DVD-204
Technosonic HT-206
Technosonic MP-101
Technosonic MP-107
Tedelex TE116.

Tedelex TE118
Telefunken TDH-2900
Telefunken TDV-0811
Telefunken TDV-1763
Telefunken TDV-7500
Telefunken TDV-8300
Terapin TT-1800
Terapin TT-2600
Terapin TT-3800DVRDVD
Terratec DVD Homearena 5.1
Tevion DRW-1000
Tevion DRW-8005 HDD
Tevion DVD-200
Tevion DVD-2001
Tevion DVD-2002
Tevion DVD-2003
Tevion DVD-3000
Tevion DVD-4000
Tevion DVD-5000
Tevion DVD-6000
Tevion MD 80032
Tevion QS808
Tevion TEV-1766
Tevion/Medion MD80857
Thomson 21CT17E
Thomson 24WT25UG
Thomson 28WT25ES
Thomson 32WD610S
Thomson 44TW611S
Thomson DPL-900VD
Thomson DPL-907VD
Thomson DPL-909VD
Thomson DPL-910VD
Thomson DPL-911VD
Thomson DPL-913VD
Thomson DPL-950VD
Thomson DTH-109E
Thomson DTH-195E
Thomson DTH-210
Thomson DTH-211E
Thomson DTH-212E
Thomson DTH-220
Thomson DTH-222
Thomson DTH-223E
Thomson DTH-231
Thomson DTH-233E
Thomson DTH-311E
Thomson DTH-3300
Thomson DTH-3600
Thomson DTH-4000
Thomson DTH-4200
Thomson DTH-4500
Thomson DTH-460
Thomson DTH-500
Thomson DTH-5000
Thomson DTH-5200
Thomson DTH-5208AU
Thomson DTH-5400
Thomson DTH-6000
Thomson DTH-700
Thomson DTH-7000E
Thomson DTH-8040E
Thomson DTH8043E
Thomson DVD-430T
Tokai 205N
Tokai 3500AT
Tokai 823
Toshiba D-R3
Toshiba D-VR3
Toshiba SD1009
Toshiba SD100e
Toshiba SD1200
Toshiba SD120E
Toshiba SD1250
Toshiba SD1600
Toshiba SD200E
Toshiba SD2050
Toshiba SD2100
Toshiba SD2107
Toshiba SD2109
Toshiba SD220E
Toshiba SD2300
Toshiba SD240E
Toshiba SD260J
Toshiba SD2705
Toshiba SD2800
Toshiba SD2900
Toshiba SD2950
Toshiba SD2960SA
Toshiba SD330E
Toshiba SD340E
Toshiba SD34VB
Toshiba SD34VE
Toshiba SD350E
Toshiba SD3755
Toshiba SD3780
Toshiba SD3900
Toshiba SD3950
Toshiba SD3960
Toshiba SD3980
Toshiba SD4036
Toshiba SD420E
Toshiba SD42HK
Toshiba SD433E
Toshiba SD43HK
Toshiba SD43HT
Toshiba SD4900
Toshiba SD530E
Toshiba SD5970
Toshiba SDK510
Toshiba SDK600
Toshiba SDK615
Toshiba SDK620
Toshiba SDK741
Toshiba SDP1400
Toshiba SDV392
Transgear DVX-500
Tredex TX-1135
Truvox DVD-600
Typhoon PORTI 7
Umax DVD-2100
Umax DVD-6000
Umax DVD-6400
Umax DVD-6500
United DVD 1151
United DVD 1155
United DVD 1951
United DVD 2151
United DVD 3052
United DVD 3054
United DVD 3055M
United DVD 3151
United DVD 3153
United DVD 3155
United DVD 4051
United DVD 4052
United DVD 4054M
United DVD 4062M
United DVD 5053M
United DVD 5054M
United DVD 5057M
United DVD 5059M
United DVH 3160
United DVH 3161
United DVH 4081
United DVH 4083
United DVH 4161
United DVP 4047
United DVR-5076
United DVX 4066M
United DVX 4067
United DVX 4069
United HDV 4080
Universum DVD 8112
Universum DVD DR-4020
Veba AVPMK560
Vecatech DV-889
Venturer PS166W
Venturer PVS1090
Venturer PVS122B
Venturer PVS123
Venturer PVS176W
Venturer PVS177W
Venturer PVS1950
Venturer PVS1960
Venturer PVS1971
Venturer PVS1977
Venturer RTS2628
Venturer STS13S
Venturer STS20
Venturer STS32S
Venturer STS75E
Venturer SVP580
Vestel DVD-2216
Vestel DVD-2410
Vestel DVD-2706
Vieta DVD 2
Vieta DVD 3
Vieta DVD 4
Vieta DVD-Uno
ViewMage AT 2003
Vivid DVD107E
Voxson DVD-221
Voxson DVD-250
Voxson DVD-320
Voxson DVD-MXK2
Voxson DVD-MXK3
Voxson DVD-ZK7
Voxson T172
Vtrek DVD-9901B
Vtrek DVD-K11
Waitec DVD X4
Waitec DVD X5
Waitec DVD X51s
Waitec DVD X56s
Waitec Vision
Wharfedale 750
Wharfedale M3
Wharfedale M5
Wharfedale WMTS-6801
Wintal DVDR-X20
Wintal DVDR-X5
Wintel WIN9663
Woxter DVD X-DIV 500
Woxter DVD X-DIV 600
Xenius DVD1030
Xenius DVDX2040
XLogic DVD-838J
XLogic XL0901
XMS 150
XMS 250
XMS 350
XMS 750
XMS 888
XMS 950
XMS 989
Xoro HSD 201
Xoro HSD 400 Plus
Xoro HSD 420
Xwave 9100
Xwave LB 1000
Xwave LB 1010
Xwave LB 900
Yahoo YDP-530
Yahoo YHT-630
Yamada DVD-2100
Yamada DVD-2500
Yamada DVD-2600
Yamada DVD-5220
Yamada DVD-6500X
Yamada DVDSlim-5520
Yamada DVR-8000
Yamada DVR-8100
Yamada DVR-9000H/DVR-9100H
Yamada DVX-5500
Yamada DVX-6000
Yamada DVX-6100
Yamada DVX-6600
Yamada DVX-6700
Yamaha DRX-2
Yamaha DV C6760
Yamaha DV C6770
Yamaha DV S5550
Yamaha DV S5650
Yamaha DV S5750
Yamaha DV SL100
Yamaha DVD C750
Yamaha DVD E600
Yamaha DVD S1500
Yamaha DVD S2500
Yamaha DVD S530
Yamaha DVD S540
Yamaha DVD S550
Yamaha DVD S557
Yamaha DVD S657
Yamaha DVD S700
Yamaha DVD S796
Yamaha DVR-S120
Yamaha DVX S100
Yamaha DVX S120
Yamaha DVX S150
Yamakawa 215
Yamakawa 218
Yamakawa 238
Yamakawa 255
Yamakawa 265
Yamakawa 275
Yamakawa 285VGA
Yamakawa 288K/VGA
Yamakawa 365
Yamakawa 713
Yamakawa 715
Yamakawa 780
Yamakawa 788
Yamakawa 820
Yamakawa 860
Yelo 800 DVD
Yukai DVD-520
Yukai DVD-V300
Yukai DVD-V560
Yukai DVD-V562
Yukai DVD-V56L
Yukai DVD-V56S
Yukai DVD-V56S-2
Yukai DVD-V660R
Zenith ABV341
Zenith DVB216
Zenith DVB312
Zenith DVB313C
Zenith DVB318
Zenith DVB410
Zenith DVB412
Zenith DVB413
Zenith DVC2200
Zenith DVC2550
Zenith DVD2201
Zenith DVD2381
Zenith DVD5201
Zenith DVR413
Zenith DVT312
Zenith DVT412
Zenith XBR411
Zenith XBR413
Zenith XBV243
Zenith XBV342
Zenith XBV343
Zenith XBV442
Zenith XBV443
Zenix Z-2001
Zensonic Z300

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