SOLD - £25 For Every Property For Sale Sign You See

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SOLD £25 For Every Property For Sale Sign You See
£25 to You For Every Sold Property Sign in your Area
Earn £25 For Every -SOLD- Sign That You See
Earn £25 for every FOR SALE / SOLD sign you see
Earn £25..... For Every Sold Sign You See.


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The standard waffle you see in the adverts

Make £2000 every month.

Walk around any housing estate and you will see dozens even 100s of for sale signs. Imagine now if each sign you saw was worth an average of £25.00 to you. Well, it can be if you follow the instructions given in our SOLD! Ebook.

The property market is beginning to boom again, and tens of thousands of homes are currently for sale, and thousands of new ones come on the market each week.

If you can find around 20 new for sale signs each week , you will earn £500.00 per week, or £2000.00 per month.

How does it make money?

Well when you have received the ebook, it will take a couple of weeks for you to make all the preparations needed to get started. The only cost to you will be for a small amount of printing work, and some postage stamps. Once the preparations are complete, you’re ready to start earning.

Each week, either walk or drive around your neighbourhood and note down the addresses of all the houses that are for sale that you have not previously noted. When you get home, simply send a specially-prepared letter to each one of these addresses, and then wait for your money to come back. This is all you need to do, its so simple its beyond belief - however it really does work!
You wont need to meet the people you mail to, or even speak to them on the telephone, if you dont want to. All you have to do is to find the addresses, mail a letter and wait!

As well as locating potential customers yourself, you can save on all the legwork by visiting all of the local estate agents. Their windows are always full of houses for sale - and each one a potential customer. The pages of your local newspaper are always full of houses for sale, and a lot of estate agents are now publishing their own newsletters that can be found outside their offices, or in local filling stations or newsagents FOR FREE!
This is the easiest business to get into, and is perhaps the most profitable. Find out for yourself.

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