150 Tesco Clubcard points for £1 spend - no longer works

Pick up a Clubcard leaflet in store, on the front there is a temporary card.
Use this card instead of your own and then, if you spend just £1 or more,
with your receipt you will get a voucher saying something like  "Welcome to
clubcard - 150 points for free on your next shop". When you do a normal
shop, hand this coupon over with your own clubcard.

The 150 points are worth £1.50 in vouchers which in turn is worth £6 if you
trade them in for deals.

The temporary card that you used can be discarded. If you really want to be
greedy, you can phone the clubcard helpline number, 0800-591688 and tell
them that you've got a temporary card and want to add the points onto your