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Web Law Generator

This information sold on eBay as
Web Law Generator
WebLaw Generator Software with Master Resell Rights NEW
WEBLAW Generator-Easily Create LEGAL Forms-RESELL RIGHT
WEBLAW GENERATOR-Legally Protects Internet Business

The ebook can not be downloaded here and should not be downloaded or bought from anywhere as it contains copyright material belonging to a Florida lawyer named Bob Silber.

If you need legal documents for your site they can be obtained directly from his site (for a fee of course - $697 each) at

There are alternative documents available for $17.95 each at

I haven't seen any of these forms so don't take this as any kind of advice - I'm not a lawyer


Amazing new software released enables you to...

"Quickly & Easily Give Your Business The Protection It Needs For Less Than The Cost Of A Trip To The Movies.  Sets Up Like A Breeze & Gives You Instant Piece Of Mind!"
Get Protected Today!

Here is what WebLaw Generator will do for you today:
Instantly create essential legal documents for all your websites in 2 seconds flat!
Affiliate Agreements
Privacy Policy Documents
No-Spam Agreements
Terms of Use and Disclaimers
Copyright Notices
Earnings Disclaimers
Without these legal forms your entire business could be shut down by the FTC.  Its never been so easy to protect your business, so  why run the risk?

Thursday, 1:10pm
Dear Friend,

If you are running a business on the internet, you are in danger of losing it all if you are not using the required legal documents!

Just one single complaint from one customer and your entire business could be shut down for good!  Not to mention the headache and huge costs of a possible court battle!

Its happened thousands of times before, and it will happen again, you need to protect yourself against these lawsuits today and ensure it wont happen to you!

But how? You can get consultation with a lawyer, which can cost anywhere up to $400 per hour!  You could pay for an online service to write your legal forms, which can cost about $80 per form, & if you run more than one website, this can turn into thousands of dollars very very quickly!

'WebLaw Generator' Is The Solution!
WebLaw Generator will create unlimited website legal documents for any and all of your websites.  All you do is choose what form you need, fill in a few blanks, and WebLaw Generator will spit out a professionally crafted document instantly!

It will take all of about 2 minutes to create all the legal documents your website is likely to need!  It simply couldn't be easier!



What's Included?
Have a look at the legal documents you can generate instantly to start protecting yourself and your business today!

 Privacy Policy Generator - This essential document indicates how you collect and use information about your visitors, without it you are open to problems from visitors and from Federal Government Enforcement Agencies like the Federal Trade Commission.  It will only take 2 seconds to protect yourself, don't get caught without one!

 Terms of Use & Disclaimer Generator - This document protects you in that it limits your responsibility to the users of your website.  Without it, your website could be shot down in an instant!

 Affiliate Agreement Generator - If you run an affiliate program through ClickBank, this form is ideal.  Allows you to set the terms your affiliates must follow when advertising and selling your products! (ClickBank Only)

 No-Spam Agreement Generator - Protect yourself against possible spam abuse and accusations and ensure your in compliance with the latest Can-Spam laws with this essential legal form!

 Copyright Notice Generator - Protects your content and graphics by outlining how visitors are allowed to use them.  Without this you may find your content and profits being stolen from you, you simply cannot be without this simple addition to your site!

 Earnings Disclaimer Generator - This is a must have document if you sell marketing information or 'How to Make Money' programs, or even just if you run an affiliate program!  One famous internet marketer could have used one of these before the FTC shut down his operations a few years ago! Don't be the next one caught out!

If you are doing business on the internet, you are no doubt doing business in the US, so no-matter where you live YOU MUST COMPLY WITH FTC REGULATIONS!  If you continue as you are without protecting yourself, you run the risk of losing everything!  Why not just get this program, take 5 minutes to generate and upload your documents, and continue with your business knowing your protected and in full compliance with internet law!

Remember, as your business and websites are seen by more and more people everyday, it only becomes more and more risky to not be legal and protected!  Trust me, Order your WebLaw Generator NOW or you might regret it later!

And this doesn't include the bonuses!

Try it out at no risk - today! Click here
The bonuses are alone worth THREE TIMES the modest price you'll pay to get 'WebLaw Generator'!

Bonus #1: 597 Ready To Use Sales Letters
& Business Forms Library.

This collection of essential business & legal forms could save you hundreds in consulting, research, or legal fees the first time you use it. (A $34.95 value!)

Bonus #2:  Search Engine Primer

If you're struggling with your site's positioning in the search engines, then you simply need to have this little application! (A $24.95 value!)

Ok, Ok, Now Tell Me The Bad News...
How Much Does This Cost?
You'll be amazed. I could price this at $297 - or at least $97 - and still be over-delivering in value. But, it is NOT my aim to make a quick buck from you on this deal, I think every webmaster should be able to protect their sites without needing an expensive lawyer.

In fact, I'm hoping to make this offer so attractive, tempting and mouth-watering...

You'd have to be insane to turn it down!
 That's why I'm going to let you have 'Web Law Generator' for the special introductory price of only $19.97!  But hurry, because this special price will not last, I could really charge much more for this essential package, and will be raising the prise very soon so it will be closer to its actual value!

Lock in this low price now




I really want you to feel confident as I am in this software... and use it to instantly protect your websites as I have done.  That is why you get a 30 Day 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

I am confident that you will be so thrilled with the 'WebLaw Generator' that I am offering you the chance to try it out risk free for a full 30 days!

If at any point you decide its not for you, simply contact me for a speedy 100% refund! No questions asked!

So go ahead! Secure your order immediately...

 Yes! Please RUSH me my "WebLaw Generator" at the discount price of only $19.97 so I can start protecting my internet business today!

• My new software will create all the legal documents I need for all of my websites...

• I will receive lifetime upgrades at no extra cost.

• I will receive my two free bonuses which I am free to keep even if I cancel my order!

I understand that this offer has a 30 day money back guarantee. I have 30 days to use "WebLaw Generator" and if it does not deliver what it promised, I can return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

Remember, if the link doesn't say $19.97, it means that this special offer has ended and it will no longer be available at that price!

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Get Protected Today!
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P.S. You have absolutely no risk in taking advantage of this one of a kind offer today. I can guarantee you'll be jumping with excitement over what you actually get. If not, shoot me an email and I'll refund 100% of your payment with no questions asked. Order with confidence now! 

If anyone knows of any copyrights covering any of the information here then please contact me immediately and I will remove it.


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